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Squirro is the most powerful solution
for search-based data discovery and analytics.

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Capture the value of your data

Intelligently connect seemingly unrelated data points to get the 'Why' behind the data.

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Reducing financial risks with better crisis monitoring

Learn how Squirro helps ABB identify incidents in real-time and respond to them effectively and efficiently.

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Swiss Technology Award Finalist

We are pleased to announce that Squirro has been selected as one of three finalists in the "Start-up" category at the 2014 Swiss Technology Award!

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Market Intelligence

Research and monitor products, brands, customers, competitors, markets, and more.

ABB now monitors crises in real-time.

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Operational Intelligence

Monitor and resolve issues in your logistics setup, customer feedback, your supply chain, and more.

The German Red Cross saves lives everyday, now more frequently.

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Squirro’s Concept Search technology intelligently connects unrelated data points.

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Access, aggregate, and enrich data from any source into one view.

Improve resource allocation.


Explore data using search; uncover insights from all the data available to you.

Reduce time to insight.


Detect in real-time patterns impacting your market position and bottom line.

Cut costs.

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