Your Data in Context

"Squirro combines the structured and unstructured worlds together in harmony to deliver the “why” behind that data."

Dorian Selz, CEO & Founder




Squirro for Qlik

Squirro gives real-time, accurate context intelligence to any point of insight you uncover while doing business discovery in Qlik.









Search the 935 Iraq War false statements

380,000 words of public pronouncement by top Bush administration officials can now be searched using keywords, speaker name, timelines and more to uncover the full depth of the false statements.



Smarter E-mail Search

Tired of wasting time searching for e-mails?

Regain control of your mailbox with Squirro for Microsoft Exchange.

Drive more effective decision-making

Combine structured and unstructured data

The real-time combination of structured and unstructured data allows for better and more effective decision-making.

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Get the ‘why’ behind your data

Turn disparate data points into a story

Squirro gives real-time, accurate context intelligence to any point of insight you discover in your data.

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Drill down through internal and external data

Reduce research time by up to 90%

Squirro delivers the most relevant content that matches your needs and interests.

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Squirro seamlessly integrates in your workplace

Make information come to you

Get your own real-time 360° context radar naturally integrated into your enterprise system.

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Squirro has added a layer of real-time integration, ultimately adding value to our research and follow up capabilities.

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Squirro delivers context to any Business Intelligence whether it is Qlik, Tableau, Microsoft BI, SAP Business Objects, MicroStrategy or Spotfire.

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Squirro delivers the best Sales Intelligence for any CRM, including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Highrise, MS Dynamics or Sage.

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Next events

Startup Grind - Zurich

Startup Grind - Dorian Selz -

Hosted by Timothy Chuma and David Butler, Startup Grind will have Dorian Selz, CEO and co-founder of Squirro, the first Swiss company selected for FinTech Innovation Lab London, presenting on the 26th August 2014.


7:00PM: Networking and Food
8:00PM: Fireside Chat
9:00PM: Networking

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