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Squirro is the most powerful solution
for search-based data discovery and analytics.

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Capture the value of your data

Intelligently connect seemingly unrelated data points to get the 'Why' behind the data.

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Squirro nominated to the Swiss Economic Forum Award

Every year since 1999 the SEF has been singling out exceptional start-ups to which they deliver the SEF.AWARD. This year Squirro is nominated as one of the 3 finalists in the High-tech/Biotech category.

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Squirro is leader in Big Data Quadrant

Experton Group has named Squirro a leader in their 2015 Big Data Vendor Benchmark for Switzerland.

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Market Intelligence

Research and monitor products, brands, customers, competitors, markets, and more.

ABB now monitors crises in real-time.

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Operational Intelligence

Monitor and resolve issues in your logistics setup, customer feedback, your supply chain, and more.

The German Red Cross saves lives everyday, now more frequently.

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Squirro’s Concept Search technology intelligently connects unrelated data points.

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Access, aggregate, and enrich data from any source into one view.

Improve resource allocation.


Explore data using search; uncover insights from all the data available to you.

Reduce time to insight.


Detect in real-time patterns impacting your market position and bottom line.

Cut costs.

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September 1st
Trend-Setting Product of 2015: Brainspace: Brainspace Discovery™ Brainspace Discovery™ 5 is the most advanced product for analyzing unstructured data on the market today. From intelligent data preparation to exploration and colla…
September 1st
VMware Unveils Automation Tools for Building New-Gen Data Centers EVO SDDC is positioned as the first fully automated software suite of tools and services for building a software-defined data center. SAN FRANCISCO – In its quest to s…
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Back-up and data protection changing dramatically | #VMworld As storage options grow and become more accessible on a consumer level, tailoring those options to the needs of clients on an individual level is becoming more achievable and efficient. Tha…
August 31st
To many people, Hadoop has become nearly synonymous with big data. It's well-suited for handling the three Vs from the popular definition of big data: volume, velocity and variety. But when it comes to doing more iterative data science work, such as build…
August 31st
Thank you Sorry Organizations have been rapidly adopting Hadoop and other big data technologies over the past several years, but it has been accompanied by a steady undercurrent of concern about the state of enterprise-grade security.While Hadoop dist…
August 31st
How to take on ‘bolder, more sophisticated’ modern fraudsters The amount being lost by corporations on fraud now totals approximately $3.7trillion of global GDP. Fraudsters have become more sophisticated. They are no longer…
August 31st
'Battle of machines' begins for insurance industry - KPMGFirst Published 31st August 2015The insurance sector is starting to take notice of machine learning, but will have to overcome cultural differences to embrace and implement artificial intelligence…
August 31st
TYSONS CORNER, VA August 31, 2015 — SAP National Security Services has shifted the focus of a three-month training program for U.S. military veterans to include analytics in response to a growing demand for a workforce that knows how to search for and ana…
August 31st
Select AnalyticsWeek[RESEARCH] Announces New Data Skills Scoring System (#DS3) Dr. Hayes, Chief Research Officer of AnalyticsWeek and developer of the DS3 says, “Our hope is to use the DS3 to…
August 31st
Demand for Big Data Analytics Software Still Accelerating The big data software market will grow nearly six fold by 2019, according to a recent report from Ovum. The report notes that while big data software in 2015 is just a small part of the o…