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Squirro is the most powerful solution
for search-based data discovery and analytics.

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Capture the value of your data

Intelligently connect seemingly unrelated data points to get the 'Why' behind the data.

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Swiss Economic Forum awards Squirro SEF4KMU label

The initiative by the SEF recognizes high potential small and medium sized businesses in Switzerland.

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Squirro is leader in Big Data Quadrant

Experton Group has named Squirro a leader in their 2015 Big Data Vendor Benchmark for Switzerland.

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Market Intelligence

Research and monitor products, brands, customers, competitors, markets, and more.

ABB now monitors crises in real-time.

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Operational Intelligence

Monitor and resolve issues in your logistics setup, customer feedback, your supply chain, and more.

The German Red Cross saves lives everyday, now more frequently.

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Squirro’s Concept Search technology intelligently connects unrelated data points.

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Access, aggregate, and enrich data from any source into one view.

Improve resource allocation.


Explore data using search; uncover insights from all the data available to you.

Reduce time to insight.


Detect in real-time patterns impacting your market position and bottom line.

Cut costs.

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April 25th
Professional Data Analysis provided for Regulatory Submissions, Designed Experiments, CAPA Investigations, Lean & Six Sigma projects, Laboratory Data, Microbiology ...
April 24th
A Missouri University of Science and Technology researcher is working with colleagues in Osaka, Japan, on joint U.S. National Science Foundation and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) research that leverages big data and data analytics to transform…
April 24th
Clarkson University will offer a new master of science degree in the highly sought-after field of data analytics, beginning this fall. The new graduate degree was approved by the New York State Education Department earlier this month. Data analytics or ..…
April 24th
Red Hat Inc. is seeing a quicker pace of adoption in the initial three years for its open source-based storage than it did for enterprise Linux, according to Ranga Rangachari, vice president and general manager of the company's storage and big data busine…
April 24th
EMC Corporation, on Thursday, rolled out ‘Federation Business Data Lake’, a solution that would help enterprises manage and analyse big data in an efficient, scalable and cost-effective manner to make informed strategic decisions. The company also ...
April 24th
Share this item with your network: Three years ago, manufacturing company A.W. Chesterton wanted to push the use of data analysis tools throughout its organization. Specifically, it wanted to make sure that sales teams knew exactly how they were doing wit…
April 24th
KARL PAULSEN A performance measurement commonly used to benchmark hard disk drives, solid state drives, and storage area networks is called Input/Output Operations Per Second, or IOPS. Each type of storage device can have its own particular set …
April 24th
It is the premier resource for pediatric data and analytics, driving the improved clinical and operational performance of its member hospitals. Symedical is a comprehensive software solution that enables healthcare organizations to centrally manage the ..…
April 24th
Email a friend To From Thank you Your message has been sent. Sorry There was an error emailing this page. Don’t count on people to prevent data breaches As malware gets more sophisticated and hostile, columnist Rob Enderle says we can’t alw…
April 24th
What's holding back Hadoop? Hadoop -- the open-source, distributed programming framework that relies on parallel processing to store and analyze both structured and unstructured data -- has been the talk of big data for several y…