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Squirro is the most powerful solution
for search-based data discovery and analytics.

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Capture the value of your data

Intelligently connect seemingly unrelated data points to get the 'Why' behind the data.

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Reducing financial risks with better crisis monitoring

Learn how Squirro helps ABB identify incidents in real-time and respond to them effectively and efficiently.

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Squirro is leader in Big Data Quadrant

Experton Group has named Squirro a leader in their 2015 Big Data Vendor Benchmark for Switzerland.

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Market Intelligence

Research and monitor products, brands, customers, competitors, markets, and more.

ABB now monitors crises in real-time.

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Operational Intelligence

Monitor and resolve issues in your logistics setup, customer feedback, your supply chain, and more.

The German Red Cross saves lives everyday, now more frequently.

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Squirro’s Concept Search technology intelligently connects unrelated data points.

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Access, aggregate, and enrich data from any source into one view.

Improve resource allocation.


Explore data using search; uncover insights from all the data available to you.

Reduce time to insight.


Detect in real-time patterns impacting your market position and bottom line.

Cut costs.

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March 29th
Sunday, March 29, 2015:  Cambridge Technology Enterprises (BSE: CTE), an IT services leader focused on the convergence of big data and cloud,today announced it has entered a partner agreement with ForgeRock® Inc.,a leading open platform provider o…
March 29th
Big Data Quality: What’s Old is New Again Everything old is new again. It’s an expression commonly used to describe those popular fashion trends – from pleated pants to skinny ties - that pop up every few decades. The colors, materials and s…
March 29th
What Can You Do with Data? I gave a speech about marketing and data science last week. Afterwards, one of the CMOs came up to me with panic in his eyes. He said, and I quote, "Help!"I get it. Big Data and …
March 28th
As you massage your piles of Big Data, particularly when the data comes from social media, you’ll often come across tasks such as extracting “clean” text from HTML content, summarizing content, extracting concepts and entities, classifying the content, an…
March 28th
Trenton Starkey, a 25-year-old senior pursuing a degree in management information systems at the University of Montana School of Business Administration, isn’t stressed about finding a job after he graduates like most of his peers. He’s already had ...
March 28th
Content Freshness Usefulness Summary Data has always been an important part of running a business. It helps managers and owners determine how to use limited resources (time, investment, etc.) to make profits. What hasn’t always been a big par…
March 28th
MongoDB Servers Crashed by Flaw in Third-Party Library Specially crafted regular expression brings system down   Database crashes with an unhandled exception A vulnerability has been discovered in a third-party component in MongoDB that gives …
March 28th
Nearly 3,000 types of vegetation and other big data stats show why Dragon Age: Inquisition is 100 hours long Here’s some big data that explains why Dragon Age: Inquisition took about 100 hours to play, and it probably also explains why it also…
March 28th
Last month, former NBA player and current television basketball analyst Charles Barkley made some telling comments about his perception of analytics. In criticizing Daryl Morey, the general manager of the Houston Rockets who is vocal about basing many of …
March 28th
Sabre unveils data analytics solution Sabre Corporation has launched Sabre Marketplace Analytics – its newest data analytics solution that will enable airlines worldwide to capitalize on travel demand within the Sabre Travel Network marketplace. This firs…