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Service dashboard.

We used the Bugzilla dataset to create in Squirro a dashboard that let's you visualize which issues are trending over time, which ones are the most relevant at any point in time, what the severity of issues are and which product is concerned. 



With Squirro you can analyze your tickets through structured dimensions, but more importantly you can easily understand what are in those tickets, so that you can cluster them, understand them better and reduce time to resolution.

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Email dashboard.

Using the Enron corpus we created a dashboard including sentiment analysis, which helps you search, understand and analyse emails better then ever before. 



Squirro let's you see which terms and concepts are trending in your e-mails.  You can slice and dice them based on sentiment, this way you can quickly identify relevant mails.

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Premier League 2014 dashboard.

We developed a dashboard that lets you consume all information about the Premier League 2014 in one place..

Check what topic is trending from which source and get all the news from players and teams.



To check the full dashboard we developed with our partner BIPB click here.

Try the dashboard.




The Squirro dashboards integrate content (sample database, social media, news feeds,...) from external providers. These do not reflect the official opinions of Nektoon AG or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. Nektoon AG does not warrant the accuracy of any information contained herein. For further information, please contact info@squirro.com.