Claims Analysis Is Central to Actuary Work

October 3, 2013

Claims analysis is central to actuary work in any insurance back office. And, it can be very difficult to determine the legitimacy of insurance claims.

The Squirro’s Insurance App provides you the intelligence you need to evaluate claims and determine their validity. For example by integrating unstructured data on severe weather events in your BI dashboard you can now analyse how specific claims were affected.

Squirro’s patent pending Smart Filter Technology is a powerful framework for unstructured content discovery. With Squirro you create specific filters to monitor specific damages or types of events.

Claim validation gets real-time actionable intelligence. Access unstructured data as never before and use it to corroborate or discard claims. Squirro speeds up and facilitates the decision-making process while making it more accurate.

To know more about Squirro’s Insurance Watch app, download the one-pager.