Six great Companies (London – Week 11)

March 14, 2014


Up here in Level 42 you get to see these magnificent mornings. At the moment of writing this it is still calm in the office. 8am is early in Britain apparently. But this will be a bustling place in little less over 30 minutes with our colleagues from the other participating companies.

Over the last two months we got to know six other exciting companies with ground breaking products. Let me introduce them (clockwise order of seating up here 😉

uTrade is an open source platform for trading. What Linux did to operating systems – liberate and innovate – uTrade does to trading floors.

Take a picture of your payment order and it gets paid – no more re-keying of payment orders, PhotoPay is the Flickr of payments.

Replace passwords with pictures (of your loved ones). More memorable, more secure, that’s the future of logins, and that’s Pixelpin.

Join forecasts and predict orders of your e-commerce website next Thursday is what LogicalGlue offers. Referred to as predictive analytics, I think of ‘Predictive Analytics with unstructured Data’…

‘Behave’. In an industry rife with manipulation the regulator imposes every stricture rules on banks. Erudine helps banks managing this maze.

You remember HAL? FinGenius uses artificial intelligence and analytics to bring him (?) alive.

You guys are fantastic to work with. Thank you!

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