Squirro Augmented Banking

Are you a global banker,
looking for solutions to optimize
your deal pipeline and meeting preparation? Take a look at the story of Paul!

Squirro Augmented Banking

The augmented intelligence assistant for investment and global bankers

Squirro Augmented Banking provides investment bankers with the right insights and recommendations, at the right moment, and in context of their work - automatically. Squirro is the smart assistant for the financial services world. It combines the power of AI with the intelligence, intuition and imagination of humans, and provides a natural user-interaction with no experts skilled required.
Learn more about Paul and how is he leveraging Squirro Augmented Banking to do more!


Too much information to consume?

Paul, a global banker, finds himself overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of information available to him and misses opportunities because of it.


Squirro to the rescue

He found Squirro, the Augmented Intelligence assistant that contextualizes all internal & external data according to his business challenges.


Generate more pipeline

Squirro constantly monitors all data feeds to identify new deal ideas. Paul will never miss out on any opportunity!


Uncover relevant talking points

With Squirro, Paul also finds ideas for his pitchbook at his fingertips. Client meeting preparation can’t be easier!


Improve client satisfaction and retention

Squirro helps Paul better serve his customers by quickly and easily finding the solutions they need, keeping them happy and engaged.

Using pre-trained AI models, Squirro turns all of your currently untapped data into the insights and recommendations that drive success.

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