A team of serial entrepreneurs, our management team draws on decades of collective experience across successful startups, VC, advisory and the enterprise ecosystems, holding senior & founding positions at companies such as Hybris, Viewpoint, Reddix, 3ple-Media, and Viewster to name a few.
Dorian Selz - CEO, Co-founder
Tania Thiebach - CFO
Toni Birrer - CTO, Co-founder
Patrice Neff - Head of Enablement, Co-founder
Felix Hürlimann - Engineering Specialist, Co-founder
Harry Fuecks - Head of Engineering
Michael Hubrich - President of Sales
Greer Hahn - VP Marketing
Andreas Nicklas - VP Corporate Development
Samuel Kleske - Head of Customer Success
Barbara Rogner - BDR
Miguel Rodriguez - Sales
Markus Warg - Sales
Matt Newman - Sales
Andy Piscina - Sales
Peter Frings - Sales
Alessa Strauch - Partnerships
Alex Delin - Customer Success
Igor Kramer - Engineering
Monika Kumari - Engineering
Oliver Seeliger - Engineering
Saurabh Jain - Engineering
Toan Luu - Engineering
Wiktor Starczewski - Engineering
Shivani Visen - Design