AI-driven Recommendations for Financial Services

Most people would probably agree that data is the world’s most valuable resource. However, the numbers show that data is actually the world’s most underused valuable resource. The truth is that less than 5% of all data is actually used, meaning that in Financial Services there is an incredible amount of data and potential insight that is not even being considered.

The rise of Augmented Intelligence is the key to unlocking this insight. Not only can solutions such as Squirro add structure to unstructured data but it can also use the data to recommend the best course of action in each instance, whether that’s a new deal or previously unthought-of opportunity.

Read this white paper to get an understanding of how you can enhance your CRM system with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, generating new business opportunities through AI-driven Deal Sourcing and Actionable Recommendations to:

  • Drive value & grow business opportunities

  • Improve profitability and efficiency

  • Increase revenue and uncover hidden deals

  • Get quicker client and market insights

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