Squirro About AI Hub

About The Augmented Intelligence Hub

Who We Are and What We Do

Our company name is inspired by a squirrel’s effort to find all the acorns it buried across a wide area – well hidden from all its peers. In a similar fashion, finding and augmenting all the data that is buried and hidden away in your different systems is at the heart of Squirro’s work. And our Augmented Intelligence Hub is no different! We unbury and gather insightful content around augmented intelligence and present the topic from different angles and in different channels so that you can walk away well informed, inspired by content from thought leaders and experts in the field.

Who’s Our Hub for?

Our Hub brings value to tech and business professionals alike and gives inspiration and food for thought to all visitors. That’s because we offer content in different categories; Tech & Implementation, Augmented Business and Success Stories, so that you can choose to augment your knowledge in the area that will best tackle the angle from which you’re approaching this vast topic.

The Purpose

At Squirro, we believe in pursuing big, hairy, audacious goals – the kind of goals that make you question their feasibility on a regular basis; goals so big that, once achieved, will disrupt the targeted area in a lasting way, and also goals that give you a strong ‘why’ to wake up in the morning. Squirro’s goal is to end the Era of Search and usher in the Age of Insights, where, instead of searching for the right information, the right information comes to the right person at the right time – completely automatically. At the heart of it, this process is about making smart people even smarter.

And the goal for this Hub is just as audacious! We aim for our Augmented Intelligence Hub to be the universal reference point for augmented intelligence, the library where you can find any topic imaginable in this field.

The Roadmap to Successfully Get Around

Our Hub is structured in two ways; by topic and by channels. That means that you can either search for the topic you’re interested in – Tech & Implementation, Augmented Business or Success Stories – or browse through the channel that you’re most comfortable with to enrich your knowledge. We have our own podcast, blog and videos, amongst other things. Dive right in and augment your knowledge today. Let’s go!

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