Allocators Insight

Get Insights About Allocation Strategies of Market Movers

Allocators Insight

>Get Insights About Allocation Strategies of Market Movers

Track and Monitor Allocation Strategies

A change in asset allocation strategies by a leading Chief Investment Officer (CIO) can move markets, making staying on top of macro and micro trends in asset allocation crucial for any investment manager's research and strategy. Unfortunately, this is a manual, time-consuming, and tedious task.

Squirro Allocators Insight provides portfolio managers, wealth managers, analysts, and other investment professionals with a smart, strategic, and automated alternative. Simply select the allocators you want to monitor and the Allocators Insights App provides you with CIO strategy changes and macro trends across asset classes, giving you the actionable insights that can help improve your investment strategy while giving you back countless hours of productivity.

Do more for your portfolio success by automating the manual work and focusing on analysis and execution.

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Allocators Insight Solution


Get Automatic Insights

Automatically get the latest views from market-moving CIOs on their allocation strategies across asset classes.


Save Precious Time

Let us handle the manual and tedious tasks of sourcing, gathering, and aggregating the publishing’s of the most relevant global institutional CIOs and focus on your core capabilities. This reduces burnout and improves the productivity of your team.


Allocation Trends by Asset Class

See how asset allocation strategies are trending across different asset classes for the CIOs you are tracking.




  • Automatic tracking of market-moving statements
  • Easily select the allocators of your choice
  • Easy and intuitive dashboards showing CIO insights
  • Actionable and relevant information


  • CIO Market Outlook by asset class and sub-classes
  • Trends across regions and asset classes
  • Identify opportunities based on changing trends in various markets
  • More time to focus on high-value activities

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