Data Overload?

Enterprise Semantic Search with Generative AI and Large Language Model Integration

Data Overload?

class="dont-show-on-mobile">Enterprise Semantic Search with Generative AI and Large Language Model Integration

End Time-Consuming Searches Forever

Accessing the right information quickly becomes increasingly difficult in our data-driven world. What’s more, most people aren't even aware of the sheer amount of knowledge and insight available to them or the incredible potential it offers.

Squirro Cognitive Search addresses this challenge by providing a state-of-the-art search solution across all your data. Our solution connects all your data sources, understands your intent, provides advanced search capabilities across all data, and returns the most relevant answers to you faster.

Following the hype created by the launch of ChatGPT, many organizations are rightfully wondering how this technology can be effectively used in an enterprise context. Squirro recognizes the power of large language models and provides the solution to harnessing this power within your organization. Squirro does this by overcoming some of the current limitations concerning enterprise deployment, like hallucinations, integration into the existing systems/workbenches, and security and access rights concerns.


Why Cognitive Search

Question & Answering

Get precise answers to any of your questions, more specific than a typical list of results


Subscriptions & Notifications

Subscribe to the topics of your choice and receive alerts for new content and newsletters

PDF Table Extraction

Extract tables in PDFs by selecting the table and downloading it directly as an excel sheet


Fast Access to Enterprise Knowledge

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What Our Customers Say

Helen Packard
Helen Packard - Digital Transformation Lead

Squirro Cognitive Search (...) helps us find and use our information in a way that is just so insightful, and from contract award to go-live it was only nine months, which is quite unprecedented for us. We rolled it out, it went very well and users love it”

Watch the video testimonial by clicking on the image of Helen


Inside Squirro’s Cognitive Search Solution


Search Across All Systems

Squirro indexes all your data and processes each document through various analytic steps, including enhanced tagging and natural-language processing (NLP). By analyzing each document, Squirro provides you the best search result with in-text highlighting in a simple-to-use interface.


Custom Communities

Squirro creates communities based on your internal classifications and taxonomies. Users may subscribe to communities, browse the content they are interested in and get notified about new content.


Personalized Recommendations

Squirro Cognitive Search is equipped with state-of-the-art NLP technology, making advanced semantic search possible. Over time, Squirro Cognitive Search can continuously adapt to your searches and provides tailored content recommendations.


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