Big Data Workshop

Get more Bang for your Byte

“The hardest part of data science is not building an accurate model or obtaining good, clean data, but defining feasible problems and coming up with reasonable ways of measuring solutions.”  Yanir Seroussi


And we like to add ‘value’ and ‘priority’ as two additional criteria. Only the operationalisation of any data analysis adds value to business processes. Plus with finite company resources careful priority setting is important.




Drawing on dozens of successful Insights solution implementations for the financial services industry, telcos and the manufacturing industry we offer you our experience in a free of charge Big Data workshop.

Take aways from the workshop:

  • Use case generation based on your company’s specific situation
  • Specific business insights and catalysts inferred for each use case
  • Estimated values by use case
  • Required data sources for each case
  • Value / Priority matrix for your company

The value / priority matrix is particularly useful for you. Based on this assessment you will be able to define your Big Data strategy in specific terms and contribution to your business.

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How it works:

  • The workshop is offered in Zurich, London, Munich, or New York
  • The initial setup would be a short webinar to run through the principles of problem definition and solution measurement
  • The workshop is roughly 2-3 hours depending on your requirements
  • We offer up to 10 such free of charge workshops to be held in the first quarter 2016

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