Squirro Brand
Monitoring Solution

Maximize your brand’s performance

Squirro Brand
Monitoring Solution

>Maximize your brand’s performance

Improve your brand positioning with customers, analysts, reporters and more

Squirro’s Brand Monitoring solution helps you prevent potential crises from spiraling out of control, predict directional changes in perceptions of your brand and inform key stakeholders of mission-critical updates.

Understanding what customers think of your brand in real time is a serious challenge, particularly in a world of almost infinite data and constant updates. Squirro’s new Brand Monitoring solution allows you to continuously monitor and analyze your customers’ opinions across websites, news feeds, analyst reports and more, gaining a deep understanding of brand perceptions.


Implementing Generative AI for Enterprise

Implementing Generative AI for Enterprise: How to Tame the Stochastic Parrot, Squirro’s e-book that shows the solutions to implementing generative AI for enterprise, is now available!


Relevant KPIs to take into account:

of organizations say
data-driven marketing increases lead conversion and customer acquisition.
Source: Marketing Charts

or more of data
is unstructured.
Source: CIO

average YoY growth of
data-driven companies; on track to earn $1.8T by 2021.
Source: Forrester

Our Customers

Data-driven companies leveraging Marketing Insights

Buhler Logo

Searching using the combination of associated structure data (enabled by good 'suggest functionality') and free text search allows you to drill down quickly and effectively to your targeted data set.”

Source: Finance, firm size $50M- $250M.

What we like most about the product is the overall design of the dashboard and user interfacing ability.”

Source: Manufacturing Firm, $10B - $30B.

Augmented Intelligence for Brand Monitoring

Developing and securing your organization’s brand has never been easier than with Squirro’s Brand Monitoring solution. Using pre-trained machine learning models to contextualize information from all of the most relevant sources, you can gauge how best to improve your brand marketing strategy. Furthermore, with real-time alerts, you can learn and respond to any newly developing crisis before it gets out of hand. Empower your marketing team with Augmented Intelligence to maximize your brand’s performance today.


Brand Monitoring Solution


Brand sentiment analysis

Use AI-driven insights to make better business decisions based on what your customers are saying about your brand. With the latest natural language-processing technology applied to reviews, feedback submissions, social media posts and other relevant sources of data, you gain a clear understanding of how your brand is perceived.


Critical mention alerts

Whether it’s a tweet from an upset customer, a bad review on a third-party website, a testimonial from a new customer or any other mention of your brand, Squirro’s Brand Monitoring solution alerts the right people at the right time within the application of their choice.


Trends and trajectories

Deploying some of Squirro’s other Marketing Insights Solutions can help you better understand both market trends and your competitors’ activities and brands. This insight can be used to steer the strategic direction of your own brand over time.


Impact on you and your customers


  • Brand sentiment & perception analysis
  • Alerts of news and updates
  • Holistic information processing
  • Key stakeholder tracking
  • 360° brand overview


  • Quickly respond and adjust to changes
  • Uncover hidden opportunities that lead to better customer engagement
  • Develop a better targeted strategy
  • Get more accurate client and market insights
  • Reduce time to analyze data


  • Stronger brand development
  • Improved crisis management and prevention
  • Better positioning with prospects and customers
  • Faster conversion rates
  • Less customer churn

Resources for Marketing Professionals

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