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Squirro Brand Monitoring App allows helps you prevent potential crises from spiraling out of control, predict directional changes in perceptions of your brand, and inform key stakeholders of mission-critical updates.

Brand Monitoring

Understanding what customers think of your brand in real-time is a serious challenge in today’s world of almost infinite data and constant updates. Squirro’s new Brand Monitoring App allows you to continuously monitor and analyze your customer’s opinions across websites, news feeds, analyst reports and more, gaining a deep understanding of brand perceptions.

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Application Outcomes:


Brand Sentiment Analysis

Use AI-driven insights to make better business decisions based on what your customers are saying about your brand. With the latest natural language processing technology applied to reviews, feedback submissions, social media posts, and other relevant sources of data, you will gain a clear understanding of how your brand is currently perceived.


Critical Mention Alerts

Whether it’s a tweet from an upset customer, a bad review on a 3rd party website, a testimonial from a new customer, or any other mention of your brand, Squirro will alert the right people at the right time within the application of their choice.


Trends and Trajectories

Deploying some of Squirro’s other Marketing Insights Solutions can help you better understand both market trends and your competitor’s activities and brands. This insight can be used to steer the direction your own brand takes over time.

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Brand sentiment & perception

Alerts of news and updates

Holistic information processing

Key stakeholder tracking

360° brand overview


Quickly respond and adjust to changes

Uncover hidden opportunities that lead to better customer engagement

Develop a better targeted strategy

Get more accurate client and market insights

Reduce time to analyze data

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