Senior Python Engineer

Published October 2020

We’re looking for senior engineers with solid Python skills to join our team, which is building a platform, called Squirro, for unstructured data analysis.

Squirro can ingest data from anywhere, be it public on the web or social medium or internal, such as a CRM, database or ITSM system, and add structure to it so that it can be delivered to business users using our dashboard visualisations or consumed by other systems using our APIs. We add structure to unstructured data by employing a range of techniques, from statistical and Bayesian models to supervised and unsupervised machine learning which we serve to our customers as a unified and patented technology we call Smartfilters. Meanwhile, for our users, we provide a simple interface to access these technologies so that anyone with basic analytical skills can get value out of their companies’ unstructured data. You can try Squirro for yourself here.

An example use case for Squirro could be analysing customer support emails. One of our customers may be processing thousands of support requests every day from their customers. Squirro adds structure to those emails by clustering them into groups such as “address change”, “billing inquiry”, “unhappy customer” thereby enabling our customer to process those emails more efficiently and address unhappy customers quickly before they churn. What’s more, they could employ our patent-pending trend detection system to identify to unusual spikes or drops in activity.

Our customers are some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world, across the US, UK, EU, Switzerland and Asia. Many of our customers are just beginning to discover the potential of unstructured data analysis and we’re excited by the opportunity as an early mover in this young market. While we host some of these customers in the cloud, the majority prefer to install Squirro on-premise for security reasons.

We need you to help us build out and scale this platform, as our customers apply it to ever-growing volumes of data and discover new ways to structure and analyse that data.

Required Qualifications

  • Exceptional programming experience in Python or a similar language with the motivation to move to Python
  • Extensive knowledge of UNIX/Linux from a developers perspective
  • Strong track record in software systems design, from initial implementation to performance optimisation and scaling
  • Experience developing professionally as part of a team, giving and receiving code reviews, test-driven development etc.
  • Good communication skills with fluency in English
  • Swiss citizenship or work permit in Switzerland, or living and working in UK, EU or EFTA member state. We’d love to hire people worldwide but Swiss immigration law makes this problematic except in rare cases.

Nice to Have

  • BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science or related technical field
  • Experience with information retrieval technologies (Elasticsearch, Lucene)
  • Experience with machine learning as applied to text analysis (Tensorflow, Keras, NLP)
  • Comfortable working with large datasets and designing systems able to process and scale up to large data volumes
  • Familiarity with RESTful web services and microservices architectures
  • Experience with MySQL, Redis, nginx, Zookeeper and other technologies in the Squirro stack ( see How Squirro Scales )
  • Familiarity with AWS, Terraform, Prometheus, Grafana, Ansible and other DevOps related tools

Working with Us

Squirro is a Swiss startup with an international flavour. Our team of passionate technology geeks and entrepreneurs mix local “Swissness” with American, German, French, Russian, Indian, Portuguese, Polish and British into an all-round startup team that combines the excellence of the ETH and EPFL with experience from technology companies such as Microsoft and Google as well as Swiss players such as local.ch and DeinDeal.

We love Python and ElasticSearch on the server side and JavaScript, backbone.js, React, D3 and more on the client-side. We work with git, believe in testing, code reviews, continuous integration and continuous deployment. Our work is structured loosely around scrum with help from Jira and the Atlassian tool suite. We take design and user experience seriously and apply machine learning in the context of text analysis.

Most of all we’re serious about building a world-class company and our compensation package includes shares because we believe our employees should be rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

Our engineering office is in the heart of Zürich, with easy access to public transport

Get in Touch

Email: jobs@squirro.com
Phone: +41 44 586 98 98

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