Cognitive Search for Enterprise Success

Up to 90% Reduction in Search Time

Squirro Named Strong Performer in Forrester Wave: Cognitive SearchCognitive search is the next generation of enterprise search according to organizations using it.

Squirro Cognitive Search allows you to search through all of your enterprise systems – Customer Relationship Management systems, data lakes, Knowledge Management systems, etc… – and any external resources, such as news feeds, *premium data, social media, and more.

Additionally, it lets you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically return results that are more relevant to your most important business needs.

Empower your team with increased efficiency and improved output – resulting in a stronger bottom line.

*Premium data, such as that offered by Refinitiv, Factset, Dow Jones, Factiva, and the like, requires an existing subscription with the provider.

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$10 / Month

You can take advantage of this special offer: Squirro Cognitive Search Starter for $10 per month for the first 12 months of use. Automatic upgrade to Squirro Cognitive Search Standard, for $20 per month after that.

This is a limited time offer, available only through 2019.

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Squirro Cognitive Search Starter

  • Monitor and query up to two internal sources
  • Monitor and query up to two external sources
  • Utilize up to five enrichment options to enhance your data
  • Full AI implementation across monitored data
  • Embedding with single supported business application

A year-on-year reduction in search time of up to 90%

Cognitive Search for Enterprise SuccessKeyword-based search is a thing of the past. Now you can have instant access to all of the most relevant data quickly served to you in the context of your current task. This produces significant efficiencies and a positively impacted bottom line.

Squirro Cognitive Search is a proven technology, delivering for its enterprise users a year-on-year reduction in search time of up to 90%. This is a major leap forward in efficiency and empowers knowledge workers to work smarter and more productively as a result.

With records across multiple applications in an organization – CRMs, intranets, Knowledge Management systems, email, and more – Squirro Cognitive Search allows users to search over multiple enterprise systems and all their internal / external and structured / unstructured data either directly from a Squirro Dashboard or through an integration in your CRM, Intranet, Website, Core Banking System, or other business systems. This delivers superior results on every single search, whether for knowledge workers or visitors searching on a company’s website.

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