Cognitive Search

Smart Search for Distributed Data Environments

Real-World Spotlight: Large US Financial Services Company

Banking on a Complete Client View to Drive Service

With more than 20 different CRM systems and multiple data silos, this Bank’s large data environment was all data and no usability. To overcome the challenge, the Bank use Squirro’s Cognitive Search for a complete view of their clients, for 12,000 Relationship Managers to successfully engage, across 20 lines of business.

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Cognitive Search Problem


We’ve inherited a legacy of systems and data – there’s no single source of truth

A fragmented data environment directly impacts our ability to serve clients well

We’re engulfed by data but can’t make best, practical use of it

Cognitive Search Solution


We have a unified view of our clients across lines of business

We can offer clients the best service with a unified view of their needs

Silos are no longer an issue – all the relevant data comes to us when we need it

Equip your Team with Knowledge
and Efficiency


Search by concepts – not keywords – for complete relevance

Draw information from across all your data sources and silos

Embedded cognitive capabilities so search continues to ‘learn’ and account for new data sources

One search to rule them all – enjoy massive time-efficiency and valuable user-centric results

Results as insights – for actionable next steps

Send your Data to Work


Use any data – machine or human-generated

Enrich it; relate it

Define unique concepts


Apply AI insights

Detect seasonal trends

Identify anomalies


Create automated responses

Open API

Deliver real-time insights into your CRM or other preferred platform