Cognitive Search

Smart Search for Distributed Data Environments

Add context, accuracy and speed to your enterprise searches

Squirro Cognitive Search is an enterprise search tool that goes beyond traditional keyword-based search, using cognitive computing that recognises context, relevancy, intent and interest to deliver superior search results.

Boost productivity and save costs via contextual and more accurate searches with Squirro Cognitive Search

Finding the right information quickly is critical to the development of the knowledge economy. Yet traditional keyword-based enterprise search is now obsolete, as it relies on the user knowing exactly what they are looking for and using the right keywords to find it.

Cognitive search is the new generation of enterprise search that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to return results that are more relevant to the user or embedded in an application issuing the search query. The benefits of understanding and extracting more insights from content changes  search from, “This document has the keyword in the title so it must be more relevant” to understanding user intent, observing behaviors and detection of other patterns to correctly assert the most relevant documents. Real time analytics are becoming the mainstay of enterprise search.

Furthermore, organisations are managing their information in a number of different CRM platforms and other enterprise systems, meaning both structured and unstructured data is stored in multiple locations, making enterprise search even more challenging.

Squirro Cognitive Search offers contextualisation of a user’s intent and interest to deliver vastly superior search results, as well as recommendations as to the next best action to meet users’ intent. Real time analytics are becoming the mainstay of enterprise search

It also allows you to search over multiple enterprise systems and to search across unstructured data, giving an accurate and highly detailed 360-degree perspective on customers. Offered also as an out-of-the-box search application that sit on top of an Elastic base, Squirro Cognitive Search provides organisations with a year-on-year reduction in search time of up to 90%.


Traditional keyword-based enterprise search is obsolete

Too much time spent on inefficient and inaccurate searches

Users unable to find the right information to suit their requirements

Missing insight due to unstructured data not included in traditional enterprise search engines


Insights-based results providing actionable next steps

Cognitive search based on a user’s intent and interest for faster and more accurate results

AI-based enterprise search with self-learning algorithms that continue learning to deliver better results on-going

Unified customer data across platforms and systems, incorporating unstructured as well as structured data


Anticipation of customer requirements, meaning better service and less churn

Free up knowledge worker time all across your business to be spent elsewhere

More accurate search results, more empowered workforce

A 360° view of the customer, providing deeper insight and understanding that help drive smarter/better informed decisions


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Cognitive Search

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