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Best of both worlds: Squirro’s powerful Augmented Intelligence solution combined with Elasticsearch, the leading open source search engine.

Squirro Cognitive Search sits on top of our cloud hosted or your self-hosted Elasticsearch instance. Get all the benefits of the leading open source full-text search framework and combine it with Squirro’s leading Augmented Intelligence solution.

Check out how this works in real life:

Why cognitive search?

To boost productivity and reduce costs, because finding the right information quickly is critical to the development of the knowledge economy. Yet traditional keyword-based enterprise search is now obsolete, as it relies on the user knowing exactly what they are looking for and using the right keywords to find it.

Cognitive search is the new generation of enterprise search that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to return results that are more relevant to the user or embedded in an application issuing the search query.

A year-on-year reduction in search time of up to 90%

Enhanced relevance supported by Squirro’s AI-driven cognitive search delivers vastly superior results, as well as recommendations to meet users’ intent.

Organizations keep records across multiple applications – CRMs, intranets, KM systems etc. Squirro Cognitive Search allows you to search over multiple enterprise systems and provide you with an out of the box 360° client cockpit. Read also our whitepaper “From Keyword to Cognitive – Updating Search for the Modern Enterprise”.

Replace Google Search Appliance

Use the opportunity of the Google Search Appliance sunset to boost your search experience to the next level. Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence solution comes with out of the box machine learning to continuously boost relevance.

Squirro Search for Salesforce

Squirro helps you make more with your Salesforce data. With Squirro Search for Salesforce, you have the ability to search across all enterprise systems, such as customer support, intranets, customer related web pages, emails, call notes, audio, video…, allowing a true 360-degree view of your customers. Read more here.

Meet our easy to learn and powerful interface

Check out how this works in real-life:


Cognitive search based on a user’s intent and interest

Faster and more accurate results

AI-based enterprise search with self-learning algorithms to enhance relevance

Unified search across all customer data stored in any platform


Reducing search time up to 90%

Out-of-the box Google Search Appliance replacement

Out of the box Squirro Search for Salesforce

More accurate search results, more empowered workforce

Automatically generated 360°client cockpit for better decision-making

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