Squirro Competitor
Monitoring Solution

Stay ahead of the competition

Squirro Competitor
Monitoring Solution

>Stay ahead of the competition

Real-time analysis of competitor activities to improve your own marketing

Your organization’s competitors harbour a wealth of information that can significantly improve your own marketing strategy. Squirro’s Competitor Monitoring solution provides you with the most important details about your competition, good and bad, allowing you to continuously improve your marketing programs and results.

Factoring in the positive and negative outcomes of your competition’s marketing efforts can give you the edge to get ahead of them in your future campaigns. This can be achieved through the constant monitoring of competitor actions and related circumstances.


Implementing Generative AI for Enterprise

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Relevant KPIs to take into consideration:

of businesses are
investing in competitive intelligence.
Source: Crayon

Average YoY growth
of data-driven companies; on track
to earn $1.8T by 2021.
Source: Forrester

of marketing executives
“strongly agree” that data-driven marketing is crucial to success in a hyper-competitive global economy.
Source: Forbes

Our Customers

Data-driven companies leveraging Marketing Insights

With one of our external services we have developed, we are able to provide our users real time insights which previously they have been pulling together manually. We make sure that they are not missing out on any important news.”

Source: Manufacturing Firm, $1B - $3B.

An exciting new technology with plenty of potential”

Source:Financial Services Firm, <$50M.

Augmented Intelligence for Competitor Monitoring

Squirro’s Competitor Monitoring solution provides your organization with the competitive intelligence to form and execute a winning marketing strategy. By monitoring and analyzing the data sources that contain information about your competition and their customers - databases, social media websites, premium feeds, news alerts and more - you’re provided with the AI-driven insights and recommendations you need to get ahead of your competition and in front of new customers.


Competitor Monitoring Solution


AI-Powered Insights

Squirro’s Competitor Monitoring Solution harnesses the power of Squirro’s Insight Engine with advanced machine learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to analyze and classify unstructured data from thousands of data sources in real-time. Users can monitor products, brands, competitors, and market developments and get all relevant information delivered to them via a dynamic dashboard. Discover trends and understand market sentiment before your competitors, while developing a keener sense of evolving industry movements.


Tangible, actionable & in business context

Empower your employees to visualize and share market and industry trends using Squirro’s dashboards. Integrate Squirro into your CRM system or intranet with ease. Put data in the context of your clients and prospects and allow the most recent and relevant developments to inform and enrich your client meetings.


Data-driven recommendations

Market data is of critical importance to sales professionals, who can use this insight to be the first to react to market events and sentiments. Squirro feeds them powerful automated recommendations capable of triggering conversations with clients and prospects, while Squirro’s recommendation engine generates leads and product offers.


Impact on you and your customers


  • Competitor activity overview
  • Alerts of news and updates
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Competitor marketing strategy analysis
  • 360° competitor cockpit


  • Out-maneuver the competition
  • Uncover hidden opportunities that lead to better customer engagement
  • Develop a blue ocean strategy
  • Get more accurate client and market insights
  • Reduce time to analyze data cockpit


  • Better understanding of what does and doesn’t work
  • Improved omni-channel strategy
  • Improved prospect engagement
  • Stronger customer relations

Resources for Marketing Professionals

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