Squirro Competitor Monitoring Application

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Real-Time Analysis of Competitor Activities to Improve Your Own Marketing.

Squirro Competitor Monitoring App keeps your marketing and customer acquisition strategy ahead of the game.

Competitor Monitoring

An organization’s competitors offer a wealth of information that can significantly improve your own marketing strategy. Squirro’s Competitor Monitoring App provides you with the most important details, good and bad, about your competition, allowing you to continuously improve your marketing programs and results.

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Application Outcomes:


360° Competitor Cockpit

Squirro’s Competitor Monitoring app provides you with a complete overview of your competitors that stems from news sources, premium feeds, analyst reports, and more, all delivered into a bespoke Competitor Cockpit. This means insight is easy to extract, understand and action.


Competitor Alerts & Data-Driven Recommendations

Use competitive insights to improve lead generation by getting recommendations right into your CRM. Badly performing competitive products and solutions can be the perfect trigger to approach a client or prospect at the best time. Get critical updates about your competition delivered to key stakeholders as soon as the news becomes available. These real-time alerts let you know what your competitors are doing and how that might impact your organization.


Competitors Customer Sentiment Analysis

Use AI-driven insights to make better business decisions based on what customers are saying about your competitors. With the latest natural language processing technology applied to reviews, feedback submissions, social media posts, and other relevant sources of data, you will gain a clear understanding of your competitors’ customers to improve your own marketing messages.

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Competitor activity overview

Alerts of news and updates

Customer sentiment analysis

Competitor marketing strategy analysis

360° competitor cockpit


Out-maneuver the competition

Uncover hidden opportunities that lead to better customer engagement

Develop a blue ocean strategy

Get more accurate client and market insights

Reduce time to analyze data

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