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We're functioning in an ever-growing world of data and, although this data contains incredible value, most of it goes unused.

From CRM call notes, to documents on file servers, to premium news feeds, and everything around and in between. All potentially highly relevant to your next opportunity with a new or existing customer. All mostly ignored by the systems your teams use for their daily activities.

You might be wondering why this is the case.

The answer is actually quite simple to explain. However, the solution to the problem is typically considered quite difficult.

This is no longer the case!

The issue is that all of the different data types that were previously mentioned are text-based data. Most business systems simply cannot process textual data the way we humans do.

Learn How to Augment Your Systems to Contextualize Data

Schedule for this exclusive workshop, where you'll get a first-hand understanding of how your organization can start utilizing all of its most relevant data.

No longer does your team have to sift through various systems, websites, and other resources only to potentially miss that small insight that is almost guaranteed to solve their current business challenge.

Use this form to schedule your 45-minute workshop with Conor Leddy, Squirro's Enterprise Account Executive, and Manutej Mulaveesala, Squirro's Solution Engineer, where he'll be able to show you what's possible and answer your questions.

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