Squirro Content
Marketing Solution

Creating the content that customers want

Squirro Content
Marketing Solution

Find, build and share the content that drives success

Content is at the core of any marketing campaign and Squirro’s new Content Marketing solution helps you provide your customers with engaging content in several ways. By analyzing the client interaction with existing content and the subsequent effect on sales, Squirro will automatically recommend to you the most valuable content for every individual client or client segment.

By processing relevant publications and data sources, our Content Marketing solution serves you with the contextual research you need to develop content that your audience will find most valuable.


Relevant KPIs to take into account:

increase on the average time to write a write a blog post since 2014.
Source: Orbit Media Solutions

of marketers say
content marketing increases engagement and the number of leads.
Source: Content Marketing Institute

expected revenue growth
of global content marketing through 2021.
Source: PQ Media

Our Customers

Data-driven companies leveraging Marketing Insights

The best feature is Squirro's ability to query unstructured data as well as structured data from multiple sources.”

Source: Financial Services Firm, 3B - 10B USD.

What we like most about the the product is the overall design of the dashboard and user interfacing ability.”

Source: Manufacturing Firm, 10B - 30B USD .

Augmented Intelligence for Content Marketing

Squirro’s Content Marketing solution offers several ways of improving your customer engagement and conversions through content. When developing content, Squirro helps to identify the subject matter that is most important to your target segments and shows to perform best. Squirro Content Marketing can also deliver the most relevant content, internal or external to your organization, directly to your website visitors.

Squirro Content Marketing is the best solution to ensure that your target audience is provided with the content that they need at the right time and place to continue their way through your marketing funnel.


Content Marketing Solution


AI-fueled content discovery

Automatically process large volumes of publications, news outlets, databases, and more with specialized machine learning, providing contextualized insights that help you to create the content to best engage your audience with.


Dynamic content recommendations

Provide your website visitors and clients with access to highly relevant content, which is taken from both, internal and external resources, expanding your current offering of content in a scalable manner.


Content analysis

Analyze the content sent to clients and receive data-driven predictions and recommendations to optimize the conversion rate of your content marketing efforts.


Impact on you and your customers


  • Content targeting across segments and journeys
  • Analysis of effectiveness
  • Contextualized subject matter research
  • Content recommendationss
  • Dynamic acquisition and distribution


  • Quickly respond and adjust to changes
  • Uncover hidden opportunities that lead to better customer engagement
  • Develop a better targeted strategy
  • Get more accurate client and market insights
  • Reduce time to analyze data


  • More effective content marketing strategy
  • Better positioning with prospects and customers
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Shortened sales cycle
  • Extended customer lifecycle duration

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