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Content Marketing

Content is at the core of any marketing campaign and Squirro’s new Content Marketing App helps you provide your customers with engaging content in several ways. By analyzing the client interaction with existing content and the subsequent effect on sales, Squirro will automatically recommend to you the most valuable content for every individual client or client segment.

By processing relevant publications and data sources, the Content Marketing App serves you with the contextual research you need to develop content that your audience will find most valuable.

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Application Outcomes:


AI-Fueled Content Discovery

Automatically process large volumes of publications, news outlets, databases, and more with specialized machine learning, providing contextualized insights that help you to create the content to best engage your audience with.


Dynamic Content Recommendations

Provide your website visitors and clients with access to highly relevant content, which is taken from both internal and external resources, expanding your current offering of content in a scalable manner.


Content Analysis

Analyze the content sent to clients and receive future data-driven recommendations to optimize the conversion rate from your content marketing efforts.

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Content targeting across segments and journeys

Analysis of effectiveness

Contextualized subject matter research

Content recommendations

Dynamic acquisition and distribution


Quickly respond and adjust to changes

Uncover hidden opportunities that lead to better customer engagement

Develop a better targeted strategy

Get more accurate client and market insights

Reduce time to analyze data

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