Corporate and Institutional Banking

As with investment banking, corporate finance relies on strong client relationships. Those in the industry need to maintain relationships with their clients, understand the specifics of their market and be aware of any new opportunities that may present themselves at any given time. The key to achieving all this is in enabling corporate financiers with data-driven insights.

Here are some of the ways in which Squirro for Corporate Financial Services can support corporate finance:

1. Source opportunities faster and more accurately

Corporate finance is an intensely competitive industry, and the need to identify strong opportunities before anyone else does is acute. That’s where Squirro for Corporate Financial Services really comes into its own. Because it manages such wide and varied volumes of structured and unstructured data – a CEO talking about a possible restructuring, an aside captured in a call note – it provides a true understanding of exactly what is happening in a market. This understanding means users can unearth new leads and deals as they happen, opportunities that they otherwise would not know existed.

2. Connect every client with the right products right when they need them

Specific needs can vary so greatly from client to client, that finding the right product for every opportunity can feel like an impossible task. The AI-driven recommendation engine of Squirro for Corporate Financial Services ensures that the right products are selected for every client based on their needs and the details of their current situation. With Squirro for Corporate Financial Services, you can take the guesswork out of serving your clients and deliver personalized service to every client.

3. Allow significant reductions in manual research hours

When tracking, planning or managing a deal, the manual research requirements are especially onerous within corporate finance, with users having to wade through CRM systems, call notes, transaction data and much more. The sheer volume of this data can be overwhelming and the fact that much of it is unstructured and / or siloed means that hundreds of hours can be spent on research. With Squirro for Corporate Financial Services, you can save substantially on research time, hours that can be better spent servicing clients.


Very large transactions are being discussed without a complete view of the companies that are being dealt with

To be able to source new business opportunities, Corporate bankers have to go through a vast amount of different data to find clues about how to win business

To find and win new business, bankers must be able to:

  • Stay on top of trends in the industry
  • Pay close attention to comments that their clients make publicly and in private conversations
  • Identify the early signs of a potential deal or a need for new capital, fast enough to approach the client before one of their competitors


Get alerts for new opportunities pushed right to you after events like:

  • Expansions
  • Potential M&A / Divestiture announcements
  • Management changes
  • Strategy or Results Announcements
  • Debt issuance / maturity

Access all the information you need in a single place

  • Quickly reference everything from your call notes to information like news, financial filings, and research to keep up-to-date with your clients

Stay on top of trends in the industry

Do this all right from the CRM that you already use


Automatically identify new opportunities that have been hiding in your data

Match the right product to each opportunity with Squirro’s AI-Driven Recommendation Engine

Stay ahead of competition with a streamlined research process

Drive informed conversations with your clients by using data to help prepare for meetings

Increase business opportunities and drive more revenue


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