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Opportunity Sourcing & Product Recommendations

Corporate banking is about relationships in a competitive marketplace. A marketplace driven by data. Squirro’s Corporate & Institutional Banking application is specifically designed shift through this wealth of data and identify possible new financing opportunities and generate product recommendations.

Here are some of the ways in which Squirro for Corporate Financial Services can support corporate finance:


Source financing opportunities

Know it first is key in any competitive market. Squirro’s CIB application identifies upcoming financing opportunities on average 4.5 months earlier than they become generally available in the marketplace.

E.g a CEO talking about a possible restructuring, a reference in some published research, a mention in a call note. The application provides a true understanding of exactly what is happening in a market.


Recommend products to a client when they need them

A broad client portfolio is constantly changing. Every client has specific needs. Knowing at what moment to propose what product is a challenge.

That’s what Squirro’s AI-driven recommendation does: It suggests the right product for a client based on the needs they expressed. With Squirro’s CIB application you can take the guesswork out of serving your clients and deliver personalized service to every client.


Reduce research time

When tracking, planning or managing a deal, manual research is onerous. Users have to wade through CRM systems, call notes, transaction data and much more. The sheer volume of this data can be overwhelming and the fact that much of it is unstructured and / or siloed means that hundreds of hours can be spent on research.

With Squirro’s CIB application you accelerate any research process, saving hundreds of hours that can be better spent servicing clients.

Meet our easy to learn and powerful interface

Check out how our 360° Cockpit works.


Opportunity sourcing

Product recommendations

Relationship map

360° client cockpit

Automated research view


More deal flow liquidity & revenue uplift

Better connect to clients and prospects

Quicker client and market insights

Saving hundreds of hours on research

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Squirro for Corporate & Institutional Banking

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