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Protect your business against credit risk and bad debt.

Most organizations only credit check their customers at the onboarding stage or on a yearly basis, yet credit risk can change all the time and at short notice.

Now businesses can prevent loss by utilizing unstructured data to assess credit risk on an ongoing basis. Squirro Credit Risk is an Augmented Intelligence-based application, that protects B2B organizations from bad debt by tracking any factor or event that could change credit risk.

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Application Outcomes:


Know immediately when credit risk changes

There are many events and catalysts that influence credit risk, from a company’s quarterly earnings figures to management team changes, and from a supply chain crisis to changes in the wider economic conditions. Much of the data relating to this is unstructured – news reports, earnings calls, customer social media updates, call notes or within premium data– and is impossible for an organization to manage.

Squirro Credit Risk application adds structure to this data and automatically notifies when such an event or catalyst takes place, meaning that account handlers and finance teams know in real-time exactly when (and how) a customer’s credit risk changes.


Increase the accuracy of credit risk assesment for all customers

Credit risk scores are usually based on credit management tools or external companies providing a risk analysis service. Both these methods look mostly at numeric data, but credit risk can be determined by many other factors.

Squirro Credit Risk application analyses large volumes of structured and unstructured data to ensure that account managers and finance teams know precisely what the credit risk is for each customer considering all data points from multiple internal and external sources. This information is presented in a 360-degree risk cockpit so it is easy to understand at a glance.


360-degree client risk cockpit

When managing large volumes of data, presenting that to users in a way that is understandable and digestible is essential. Squirro Credit Risk application collates and unifies siloed data – structured and unstructured – from inside an organization and from a wide variety of external sources, offering a complete view of each client and their current risk status. This allows decisions on future credit to be made based on much more accurate insight.

Augmented Intelligence Model for Credit Risk Monitoring

Check out how Squirro Credit Risk application works


Real-time notifications when a company’s credit risk changes

360-degree risk cockpit for each customer

Easy to understand dashboard collating all data sources relating to risk

Analysis of any event or catalyst that could affect credit risk


Protects an organization against bad debt

Provides a deeper understanding of credit risk across a client portfolio

Enables smarter and more informed decisions relating to credit risk

Acts as a loss prevention tool for finance teams and account handlers

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