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Turning Data into a Competitive Advantage for Asset Managers

How Investec Asset Management used Squirro Insights to give their team new value from existing resources

Premium data sources are an essential tool for asset managers to keep up to date with institutional and individual clients, and the fast-moving markets in which they operate. Often, asset management firms will subscribe to a number of premium data sources to ensure their client relationship teams have access to the latest news and information that could influence their clients’ portfolios. But information alone is not enough – real value lies in how well a team can use this information to better serve their clients.

Investec Asset Management understands this very well. Whilst their team had subscribed to premium data services like FINsearches, one of the industry’s leading proprietary data resources, they still struggled to effectively use this information. A key reason for this was that the data resided outside of their core Salesforce CRM system, the information touchstone for managers to access important client data thereby resulting in out of context information

Lisa Cohen, Manager – Client Group Solutions, at Investec Asset Management, explains the challenge they faced, “We had a very rich and valuable data environment for our Sales and Client Management teams, but to make best use of it, they had to spend a lot of time searching numerous data sources, the CRM platform and other databases to obtain a joined up view. Their fundamental job is to manage new prospects and as existing clients’ interests, not to navigate an abundance of distributed data looking for relevant information.”

The challenge is one many companies will recognise. What’s more, with the exponential growth of data from numerous internal and external data sources, it’s an issue that is only set to increase with time.  Companies without solutions can expect the associated issues to also scale in line with the growth. Clearly, getting to grips with the best way to use data is set to be a key differentiator for companies in the coming years.

Forrester Analysts predict data-driven companies who make use of insights will favourably separate themselves from the herd, “Insights-driven businesses are built and operate differently. They create a closed-loop insights process to optimize every customer engagement and every facet of their business. They marry algorithms and expertise to continuously improve outcomes. These firms teach valuable lessons in culture, process, talent, teams, and technology.”

Investec’s quest for a solution led Lisa to Squirro, the data insights solution specialist. Squirro’s insights technology united all their news sources and delivered their team highly relevant insights from all their news providers – both public feeds and paid for, premium news sources – directly back into their Salesforce CRM platform where the team could easily access information ahead of any client engagement. They were also able to define key filtering concepts such as ‘personnel changes’ and ‘financial health’ – which gives the team a one-click process to accessing insights on their important clients and competitors in context of these definitions.

The result has improved the way the team operates on a daily basis. Lisa says, “The added efficiency means our teams have the necessary insights at their fingertips enabling relevant and meaningful client engagement. They don’t spend their time searching through data; now their most relevant information comes to them in the form of Squirro insights, it’s right there in Salesforce where they need it. That’s game changing.

Insights for Asset Managers

Key Benefits

Create real-time client engagement insights

Identify new opportunities based on competitor analysis

Leverage existing resources like CRM systems and premium news feeds

Reduce search and research time for sales and client relationship managers

Define personalised catalyst events or concepts to support proactive client management and decision-making