Customer Service
Management Solution

Do more to ensure customer satisfaction

Customer Service
Management Solution

Customer service that leads to customer loyalty

There are nearly infinite ways in which your customers can run into issues with your products or services. Not offering them a fast an easy resolution is one of the biggest threats to your business relationship with them. While great effort is put into obtaining the customer, keeping the customer is highly dependant on the level of support provided.

It is now possible to deliver a first-class customer experience in today’s world of limitless data and complexity related to your offerings and customer needs. The solutions to your customers problems, found within your internal and external data, can be delivered to your support agents via an easy to use interface.


Relevant KPIs to take into account:

point to customer
experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions.
Source: PWC

of consumers have
bailed on a transaction because of a bad service interaction.
Source: American Express

of high-income
households avoid vendors for 2+ years after having a bad customer service experience.
Source: Zendesk

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Data-driven companies leveraging Service Insights

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Searching using the combination of associated structure data (enabled by good 'suggest functionality') and free text search allows you to drill down quickly and effectively to your targeted data set.”

Source: Financial Services Firm, 50M - 250M USD.

What we like most about Squirro is the overall design of the dashboard and user interfacing ability.”

Source: Manufacturing Firm, 10B - 30B USD.

Augmented Intelligence for Customer Service Management

The Squirro Customer Service Solution helps you improve your customer experience by empowering your support agents and customers with Augmented Intelligence. It continuously monitors all of the data most relevant to your customer issues, contextualizes it, and produces actionable insights and recommendations. Whether it’s through a self-service portal or facilitated by a support agent, Squirro helps to quickly resolve customer issues, improving customer loyalty.


Customer Service Management


Ensure that your customer is always satisfied

Regardless of the level of complexity your products or services have, there are nearly infinite possibilities when it comes to how your customers can run into issues and require help. Providing a quick and easy path towards a solution is the most effective method in maintaining their interest and loyalty. This can be done through an intelligent self-help portal or with the help of support agents. In both cases, the core requirement is having access to and being able to contextualize all of the most relevant data to immediately  provide the best solution.


Introduce a digital support assistant

The Squirro Customer Service Management Solution uses the power of machine learning to analyze incidents on the fly, providing recommendations on possible solutions and root causes. These insights and recommendations are offered as an integration within a user’s CSM Application, acting as a digital support assistant. Reduce incident resolution time by up to 30% and improve first-time-right rates by up to 10%.


360° Incident Cockpit

Not only will the Squirro Customer Service Management Solution analyze every last byte of relevant data, but it will also bring it all together in a holistic 360° incident cockpit. It will combine data from ERP, CRM, document management systems, and many more with a user’s service data for highly efficient client support. Having this insight in one place allows users to improve client engagement and increase customer satisfaction when interacting with them on the phone.


Impact on you and your customers


  • Augmented intelligence-based machine learning to deliver ongoing improvements to customer service
  • Collates and analyses data from a wide variety of sources, internal and external, structured and unstructured
  • 360-degree view of each client and everything relating to their customer service


  • Deeper and more significant insight from incidents and field service reports
  • More productive and rewarding interactions with clients
  • Significant improvements to the overall customer experience


  • Significant improvements to the overall customer experience
  • Improve first time right rates by up to 10%
  • A vastly improved customer experience
  • Greater customer loyalty and retention

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