Squirro's Market Data Provider Partners

Increase the ROI on your market data

Squirro's Market Data Provider Partners

>Increase the ROI on your market data

Activate Your Market Data

Companies spend over 30 billion USD on data to gain key market insights, making data one of the most important but also most underused assets of companies. Companies subscribe to market data to gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the market, but the reality is that all companies buy the same data and, hence, the ROI is not captured.

Squirro activates your data investment by delivering automatically the right insights and recommendations, at the right time, in the context of your interests, and embedded in your core systems.


Partner Network


Financial technology, data, and expertise

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Global capital, private equity, & public markets data

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Bureau Van Dijk

Bureau Van Dijk - Welcome to the business of certainty

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Bisnode D&B - Data to drive you forward

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Squirro's Relationship with Data Partners

Squirro's data partners produce terabytes of data on a regular basis, all of which is consumed by an international array of companies across many industries. These companies use this data to help them make better decisions for their daily needs and when developing long-term strategies. There is so much data being produced that a significant portion of it simply doesn't get the attention it requires because it's humanly impossible to synthesize all of it. This often results in opportunities being missed; a costly mistake for any organization that's trying to remain competitive.

Squirro works with these partners and helps the companies using the provided data to gain the most value out of this large investment by providing powerful cognitive search across all of the market data. By automatically analyzing the content to extract key market insights and talking points, Squirro produces data-driven recommendations and embeds the data into your CRM.

Squirro Augemented Intelligence Features


Drive lead origination

Squirro automatically triggers from over 50-pre-trained AI and ML Models related to corporate events, people, risks, financial information or financial markets within your market data. Receive automatic recommendations in context of your interests on who to contact and with the relevant talking points ahead of your competition by up to 6 months.


Know your clients and prospects

Squirro’s comprehensive 360° Client Cockpit gathers all relevant data from internal, external and market data to deliver a holistic view. Use Cognitive Search to find relevant information in the most efficient way and increase your understanding of your clients or prospects through insights provided by our advanced data analytics capabilities. Embed Squirro within your CRM System for additional context and increased usability.


Reduce Meeting preparation time

Organizations keep records across multiple applications, including CRMs, intranets and knowledge management systems. Squirro Cognitive Search allows them to search across multiple enterprise systems and provides an out-of-the-box 360° client cockpit.

Enhanced relevance supported by Squirro’s AI-driven cognitive search delivers vastly superior results, as well as providing recommendations to meet users’ intent.

Challenges Solved

Premium Mapping & Activation

A Key Element of our Augmented Intelligence Applications

If your company subscribes to any of these data providers and you’d like to increase its ROI, let us know and we’ll help.

If your company provides market data solutions and you’d like to offer your subscribers the ability to do more with their data, Squirro can help. Learn more about becoming a partner.


  • Unmapped data in different silos
  • Premium paid data not leveraged
  • Manual and time-consuming information gathering without client context



  • Pre-configured data mappings across all main Market Data Providers
  • Enabled holistic 360° Client View
  • Recommendations powered by over 40 AI & ML models


  • Achieved ROI on data investments
  • Integrated within CRM or stand-alone
  • Improved client relations


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