Squirro's Data Partners

Squirro's Data Partners

Activate your premium data

Companies spend over 30 billion USD on data to gain key market insights, making data one of the most important but also most underused assets of companies. Every company gets access to the same data, which lacks context and therefore is not relevant or informative.

Squirro activates your data investment by delivering automatically the right insights and recommendations, at the right time, in context of your interests, and embedded in your core systems.

Our data partners


Refinitiv is a global provider of financial market data and infrastructure. The company was founded in 2018. It is jointly owned by Blackstone Group LP which has a 55% stake and Thomson Reuters which owns 45%. The company has an annual turnover of $6bn with more than 40,000 client companies in 190 countries.

Refinitiv runs more than 130 fintech data, analytics, trading, and risk assessment tools including World-Check, a risk intelligence database for financial crime legislation compliance, FXall, Eikon, the execution management system REDI, Datastream for macro-economic analysis, Quantitative Analytics on the Cloud, AutoAudit and the Elektron Data Platform, creating 32,000 risk intelligence records every month from internal and third-party sources. Another, the World-Check Risk Intelligence database, compiles information from international financial watch lists, government records, and media searches to tackle money laundering. Refinitiv also maintains a database featuring more than a million mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals spanning over 40 years, covering corporate finance transactions and investment banking league tables across equity markets, debt, loans, bonds, project finance, initial public offerings (IPOs), joint ventures, repurchases, private equity, and municipal bonds.



Bisnode is a company that offers decision support in the form of digital business, marketing and credit information. Founded in 1989, Bisnode is by Ratos and by Bonnier. Bisnode is present in 19 European countries and has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bisnode helps companies find and manage customers through the entire customer lifecycle, matching and analyzing their data with our data and the data that today's connected world generates, so-called Big Data. Their experts work daily to interpret, refine, and understand all the data that forms the basis of their clients' business decisions, enabling them to increase revenue and minimize losses in a structured and reliable way.

Bisnode's customers range from government agencies to small and medium-sized companies, as well as global corporate groups. They operate in a variety of industries: banking and finance, the government and public sector, real estate, insurance, retail, and manufacturing. One thing they all have in common, though, is that they have all chosen to let data be a driving force and to make decisions based on smart data.


PitchBook Data, Inc. is a SaaS company - now pat of Morningstar - that delivers data, research, and technology covering the private capital markets, including venture capital, private equity, and M&A transactions.

To collect its data, PitchBook uses machine learning and natural language processing technology to review publicly available sources. It also has a team of more than 600 quality assurance researchers who conduct primary research.

The company's core product, the PitchBook Platform, is a subscription-only database that includes analytical tools that help users make sense of the information it collects on companies, investors, deals, mergers and acquisitions, funds, advisors, and people. The company also provides commentary and analysis of current events, trends, and issues relevant to the capital markets through its daily newsletter and quarterly reports.

Squirro's Relationship with Data Partners

Squirro's data partners produce terabytes of data on a regular basis, all of which is consumed by an international array of companies across many industries. These companies use this data to help them make better decisions for their daily needs and when developing long term strategies. There is so much data being produced that a significant portion of it simply doesn't get the attention it requires because it's humanly impossible to synthesize all of it. This often results in opportunities being missed; a costly mistake for any organization that's trying to remain competitive.

Squirro works with these partners and helps the companies using the provided data to gain the most value out of this large investment.


Drive lead origination

Squirro automatically triggers from over 50-pre-trained AI and ML Models related to corporate events, people, risks, financial information or financial markets within your premium data. Receive automatic recommendations in context of your interests on who to contact and with the relevant talking points ahead of your competition by up to 6 months.


Know your clients and prospects

Squirro’s comprehensive 360° Client Cockpit gathers all relevant data from internal, external and premium data to deliver a holistic view. Use Cognitive Search to find relevant information in the most efficient way and increase your understanding of your clients or prospects through insights provided by our advanced data analytics capabilities. Embed Squirro within your CRM System for additional context and increased usability.


Reduce Meeting preparation time

Organizations keep records across multiple applications, including CRMs, intranets and KM systems. Squirro Cognitive Search allows them to search across multiple enterprise systems and provides an out-of-the-box 360° client cockpit.

Enhanced relevance supported by Squirro’s AI-driven cognitive search delivers vastly superior results, as well as providing recommendations to meet users’ intent.

We support companies to solve the following challenges:

If your company subscribes to any of these data providers and you’d like to increase its ROI, let us know and we’ll help.

If your company provides premium data solutions and you’d like to offer your subscribers the ability to do more with their data, Squirro can help. Learn more about becoming a partner.