The Squirro Academy

Share and embrace the worth of our knowledge
Acquire new skills and enhance your ability to perform

The Squirro Academy

>Share and embrace the worth of our knowledge
Acquire new skills and enhance your ability to perform

Our Squirro Training and Certification Courses

As fans of learning and augmentation, it is our aim at Squirro to ensure that you too can strengthen your neural pathways and develop a variety of new skills and knowledge-based perspectives. The Squirro Academy offers many online courses that have been academically designed to offer product insight, knowledge transfer, skill development, peer learning, and self-direction.

Our courses provide trainees with the opportunity to develop a project-specific skill and also support those working with us on larger projects that may require a solid set of tools to be able to deliver our solution in a competent, independent manner.

The Squirro Academy

Our learning plans offer:


skill focused approaches
to holistic training and certification 

types of activities encouraging
higher order thinking


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Our Training Courses


Skill Acquisition

Squirro Architecture is an example of a lesson that has been taken from the Squirro Front-End Developer course; one of the many courses on offer, for those training with Squirro. The lesson exemplifies the carefully thought out approach that has been taken to each of the lessons within the Squirro Academy and highlights the emphasis that has been placed on drawing our trainees into our narrative and our world. Our lessons cover a variety of topics that are key to the features and functionalities of the Insights Engine and the solutions we offer. They focus on enabling skill acquisition and aim to ensure that our partners and colleagues are set up for independent project success.



Each lesson contains a variety of different interactive activities which both promote and encourage self-directed peer learning. Knowledge checks, dialogues and snippets of code provide practical evaluation opportunities and each trainee ends their training course with a corresponding skills-based certification assignment that is marked and discussed, in detail.

I really enjoyed learning about Squirro through the academy. The layout and UI was done beautifully. While most users may focus solely on the information displayed, the attractive presentation of the information is equally important in order to keep users engaged and following. The information was clear, practical, and progressed logically. (...) All in all, the Squirro learning academy has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I’m loving your product and look forward to using it more.”

Kyle Marshall, Axis Capital

It's quite apparent that a significant amount of thought and effort has been invested in creating one of the most engaging learning experiences I've experienced. The core material is complemented astutely with visual and tactile (question cards) aids which have raised the immersive quotient of every learning session. I've been very impressed with Squirro Academy in its current avatar and am eagerly looking forward to the launch of the AI Studio course soon!”

Rajarshi Banerjee, Technical Lead - Blockchain / Machine Learning, Synechron

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