Webinar: AI-Driven Marketing Insights & Recommendations

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Using Artificial Intelligence to Augment the Marketing Professional

The marketing realm has evolved from being primarily creative to data-influenced to data-focused. Every aspect of marketing is now heavily supported by data. The majority of the data being used up to this point has been structured or numeric data. That is, clicks, shares, conversions, and the like.

Now there is a new opportunity available to marketing professionals: the ability to utilize unstructured data to augment your marketing efforts.

The AI-Driven Marketing Insights & Recommendations webinar will show you what’s possible by incorporating unstructured data to improve your ability to monitor your markets, products, brand, and competitors. Additionally, we introduce an entirely new approach to content development and distribution.

Learn how you can:

  • Ensure your team remains up to date with the most critical information, allowing you to make adjustments to your marketing strategy as needed
  • Create an agile approach to engaging content creation and distribution that scales with your needs
  • Harness cutting edge AI and Machine Learning to improve your marketing activities and achieve your goals

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