Thursday, December 31, 2020

Ask Squirro Anything: All you want to know about Augmented Intelligence


Ask Squirro Anything

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Ask Squirro Anything Miguel Rodriguez

Ask Squirro Anything  | Send now your questions! | Miguel Rodriguez, CSO Squirro

Being aware of risks and detecting new opportunities is key to navigating challenging times. Insights are a powerful tool and will be especially valuable to overcoming unexpected events. But how can you transform all of the data you hold into actionable insights?

Augmented Intelligence solutions are now your Smart Assistant, identifying the right moment to call clients, generating talking points, and providing all the information about customers in one single client dashboard!

Would you like to discover specific use cases of Augmented Intelligence solutions? Maybe you’d like to understand how to drive more business and increase client engagement with this technology.

Ask Squirro Anything. We are at your disposal to provide you with answers and guidance about AI and how to better utilise the data you hold to generate more business during uncertain times.

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