Webinar: Client Success with Augmented Banking

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Building a strategy to maximize customer generation and success is no small task for a Financial Services organization. A task that needs to be done, nonetheless. While doing so, it is critical to understand the role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes in helping to achieve these goals.

Customers have nearly infinite alternatives to choose from and possess the ability to switch who they do business with at a moments notice. There is an obvious need to empower the banker with the tools necessary to provide the best possible service. Yet another difficult task in today’s world of unlimited data and fractured systems. What we find is that bankers need to be augmented.

It’s humanly impossible for a banker to sift through the emails, call notes, news feeds, social media posts, analyst reports, and so on; combine it with the abundance of market data; find all of the necessary connections and insights; and deliver the best possible business decision to the prospect or customer.

Well, it was humanly impossible. Until that is, pragmatic AI came into the picture.

Augmented Banking is an approach to financial services that lets bankers, their customers, and their partners do more with human intelligence and machines than either can do individually.

Watch this webinar to learn how Augmented Banking:

  • Helps new relationships move in the right direction from the very first interaction
  • Strengthens existing relationships with highly personalized insights
  • Maximizes the efficiency of the processes required to support the customer

Start your journey toward Augmented Intelligence – the combination of human intelligence with AI – to develop a strategy that can live up to the challenges of tomorrow.

Watch the Recording