Enterprise Search & its Transformation into Cognitive Search

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The modern-day knowledge worker, relationship manager, and even business developer has developed new and more complex expectations when it comes to being informed. The technology that used to support these knowledge requirements once acted like a candle in an enormous, dark cave, providing a limited set of results that were simply based on keyword matches. This was enterprise search at its finest. While it served its purpose, it’s no longer sufficient in today’s world of seemingly infinite data and quick decisions.

Cognitive search acts as a powerful lamp, exposing the intricate details of that same cave. It does this by utilizing some of the following cutting edge techniques, all of which fall within the realm of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Data Co-mingling
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning Models

With these techniques, the Cognitive Search Engine augments the knowledge worker’s output by providing them with tangible insights relative to the business needs. This also results in a significant reduction in time dedicated to search, which offers financial efficiencies. Another critical capability of the Cognitive Search Engine is its ability to be embedded in a CRM, core banking system, ERP, or other business management system.

Watch this webinar recording to learn how an AI-enabled cognitive search implementation can empower your team to produce an improved level of output and introduce significant efficiencies, resulting in an increase in the bottom line.

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