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Webinar: See Generative AI for Knowledge Management in Action

See Generative AI for Knowledge Management in Action
See Generative AI for Knowledge Management in Action
See Generative AI for Knowledge Management in Action

Squirro's Knowledge Management Insights solution allows your organization's knowledge, including all siloed internal, external, and premium data sources, to be easily accessible and actionable. You can now harness the power of generative AI through a dashboard-integrated chat window whilst respecting security and privacy.

By watching this webinar, you will receive a deep dive into Squirro’s Knowledge Management Solution, which is now featuring the power of generative AI - offering up to a 90% improvement in the findability of information, resulting in an approximate 40% efficiency increase in business processes.

Squirro Speakers
Squirro CEO and Co-founder Dorian Selz
Dorian Selz
Co-Founder and CEO
Conor Leddy
Senior Enterprise Account Executive, North America
Questions Asked
That’s correct. Just follow the easy setup steps and upload them all together in a ZIP file.
This is something that we do as part of our enterprise setup by indexing the access control lists also with the data. This allows us to only retrieve documents that, as an end user, you are allowed to see. This feature is, however, not enabled in the free trial.
Squirro Data connector module supports automatic scheduling of all supported data sources (including Sharepoint). This allows Squirro to fetch new data from the sources systems at regular intervals in an automated fashion.
We are an ISO 27001-certified company, and your data is handled with all appropriate information security measures. Your free trial app is deployed on a dedicated instance on a public cloud. After the trial, you will have a choice of deployment options of a public or private cloud or, if requested, on-premises.
Any data curation surely helps. However, the combination of Squirro’s Information Retrieval stack and LLMs allows for getting good results with relatively “messy” input data.
Squirro’s Information retrieval stack already offers multiple query strategies, allowing us to tune the ranking of the retrieved documents based on the use-cases. So, yes this is possible already.
Yes, it’s technically possible, but it is a matter of the data availability in your internal systems or as premium data sources. Please reach out to Squirro’s experts to discuss the feasibility of your specific use case.
This is absolutely possible as long as all of the necessary data to provide the response is available.

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