Küdaw & Squirro: The Future of Customer Insights in Banking

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A webinar about Financial Services & Customer Insights, by Küdaw & Squirro
Un webinario sobre información de clientes en banca corporativa y de inversiones, presentado por Küdaw & Squirro

Do you know the value of your customers? It should be easier as before, as we are in the era of customer intelligence, with a huge amount of data about customer behavior. But… are you able to extract all the value from the available data?

Augmented Intelligence solutions provide Financial Services businesses with smart access to all the available data about what customers do and want. This is a great opportunity to unlock insights to enhance customer experience, reduce churn, and detect untapped opportunities on deal generation.

Furthermore, Augmented intelligence solutions are empowering asset managers, wealth managers and private bankers to understand their customers more than ever before. Thanks to this technology, financial services professionals get a 360° Client Advisor Dashboard with all the relevant info about each customer, ready to be actioned in real time and highly valuable to tailor product offerings, prevent customer churn and reveal new opportunities.

Watch this webinar (presented by Küdaw & Squirro) to learn how to leverage Augmented Intelligence solutions to provide a rich, compelling and personal service to your customers, and to identify new opportunities on deal generation .

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