Webinar: Relationship Management in the Age of AI

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Overcoming Data Challenges for Financial Services

Most financial services firms have terabytes of data available to them from various internal and external sources. Especially Premium Data, which is very expensive and in many cases an underused asset. This valuable data can now be consumed directly within Salesforce thanks to Squirro.

Squirro is able to analyze all premium data and extract relevant insights from it. Relationship Managers take advantage of these Insights either within a holistic 360° Client Cockpit, where all data is brought in context and relevant insights are presented automatically, or through recommendations. Don’t miss out on relevant events and engage with the clients at the right time with the strongest talking points to boost your pipeline and client satisfaction.

Watch this webinar to learn how Relationship Managers can take advantage of their premium data through Augmented Intelligence Solutions directly within Salesforce! Hear from Salesforce and Squirro to understand how you can achieve this in your environment in a fast and efficient manner.


Lead Solution Engineer FSI, Salesforce

Achraf works with Financial institutions in Switzerland and Europe. His mission is to help companies reimagine their customer and employee experiences. He brings expertise in advisory and relationship management.


Chief Sales Officer, Squirro

Miguel Rodriguez has been successfully supporting companies in the implementation of data science applications for many years. Based on his extensive experience, Miguel is regarded as one of the industry’s leading data science experts. He also works as a business mentor at the Swiss Startup Factory and advises young entrepreneurs on sales, business development, and strategy. He holds a BSc in Business Administration from the European Business School.


Business Development Lead, EMEA Financial Services, Salesforce

Frederico is the EMEA Financial Services Business Development Lead and is an industry expert for Investment Banking, Wealth & Asset Management, and Capital Markets at Salesforce. In his role, Frederico is involved with key strategic customers from a go-to-market perspective, he develops value propositions (including industry trends, C-level challenges and strategic value of technology) for Financial Institutions, and he enables internal and external teams on the relevance of Salesforce in the industry.

Prior to joining Salesforce, Frederico worked at Morgan Stanley in Fixed Income Sales.

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