Scaling FS through AI-driven Recommendations

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Technology-driven competition in the Financial sector is becoming fierce and unrelenting.

Bankers are looking at technical solutions to comb through massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, detect patterns, improve relationships, and gain insights to optimize processes, enhance decision making support and customer satisfaction.

Gartner identifies Augmented Intelligence as one of the key drivers. Recognized for its ability to enhance and scale the knowledge worker’s expertise. It interfaces the ability to tap into multiple data sources, leveraging natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics.

To better understand how the Financial Industry is using Augmented Intelligence to innovate their processes and to optimize the customer experience, join us at this webinar.

This webinar will show you how your peers in Investment Banking, ECM, DCM, Corporate & Institutional Banking, and Institutional Asset Management throughout the region are using AI on their data. Learn how they use AI to get more business opportunities, keep updated on important developments, reduce research efforts, and be more aware of risks at their clients.