Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The AI Summit – New York City, USA

The AI Summit – New York City, USA

Making AI the Key Driver of Your Digital Transformation Strategy

The AI Summit is back in NYC, this time at the Jacob Javits Center, and Squirro is, once again, a proud exhibition sponsor!

If you and your colleagues are attending, we’d be very interested in meeting with you there. Please use the form on this page to schedule a meeting at or around the show.

Live Talk at the AI Summit in New York

The use of AI can be hugely transformative; having a genuine and tangible impact on businesses and their customers.

According to Goldman Sachs, AI and Machine Learning will enable $34 billion to $43 billion in annual cost savings and new revenue opportunities within the financial sector by 2025.

Today, all bankers need to embrace the next generation of AI-Driven technologies to gain greater profitability. We now see bankers augmented through the harvesting of unstructured data – such as data found within CRM systems, news feeds, e-communications, earning reports, and more – married to AI and Machine Learning to identify patterns, gain insight, and drive action.

Don’t miss the talk and learn how Squirro’s financial solutions can find opportunities buried within your data, using AI to recommend ‘best next action’ while creating a unique advantage over other organizations.

Dorian Selz

“Making AI the Key Driver of Your Digital Transformation Strategy”

Dorian Selz, CEO and Co-Founder Squirro 

Thursday, December 6, 2018
2:55 pm
The AI Finance Summit

Find us at booth 609 and learn about successful AI implementations of the applications ‘Squirro for Financial Services’. To make sure we’re able to to dedicate an expert to your questions, make sure to schedule a 1:1 meeting in advance.

How can AI-driven insight help organizations:

  • Generate new opportunities through AI-driven actionable recommendations
  • Better develop an intimate understanding of customers, partners, markets
  • Spot trends and anomalies in all structured & unstructured data
  • Predict future incidents before they happen

Squirro works with global data-driven organizations, predominantly in financial services, insurances, telecoms, and manufacturing industries, such as Helvetia Insurance, Brookson, Evalueserve, Investec, SwissRe.

Can’t make it to the AI Summit in New York?

Let’s meet outside of the conference!LET’S SPEAK!

About The AI Summit

The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference & exhibition to decipher the practical implications of AI for corporate organizations. We showcase the ground-breaking solutions that are transforming business productivity today and will transform organizations in the future.

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