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Digital Transformation for Financial Services: Cognitive Search

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Cognitive Search Webinar - Feb 2021

Squirro Cognitive Search - Boosting Company Productivity

Cognitive search is the evolution of information retrieval and enterprise search. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), it delivers more relevant results to the user, boosting productivity, and reducing costs. This means that there is finally a replacement for obsolete keyword-based enterprise search that relies on users knowing exactly what they are looking for and knowing the right keywords to find it.

Squirro Cognitive Search is used by SMB and large enterprise clients spanning the globe and across industries.

We are extremely proud to be presenting how Squirro has been used within the Financial Services Industry and in a regulatory environment with the Bank of England.

An Innovative Approach to Regulatory Technology with AI & Machine Learning

RegTech, regulatory technology, describes the use of IT in the context of regulatory monitoring, reporting, and compliance. The adoption of new technologies, such as AI and machine learning, is revealing RegTech as a game-changer for financial services institutions. This makes it easier and simpler to comply with ever-changing regulations, reduces manual processes, and enables efficient decision-making and problem-solving. 

As a leading financial institution, the Bank of England is already taking advantage of RegTech and executing an innovative digital transformation strategy in this area. One of the latest projects shows how Cognitive Search is delivering key benefits to the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) division. 

Watch the webinar “Digital Transformation for Financial Services: Cognitive Search” to learn how the Bank of England is leveraging AI and machine learning to make a positive impact on regulatory monitoring, reporting, and compliance; and why the PRA team is adopting Cognitive Search in their daily work.

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The Speakers

Helen Packard

Helen Packard
Digital Transformation Lead
Bank of England

Helen is currently working on the PRA RegTech Strategy of the Bank of England, delivering a range of ML/AI tools to enable the digitalization journey. Her career spans over 20 years, initially as a management consultant, then at a major bank before joining the Bank of England 4 years ago. Her typical role is addressing a regulatory change and implementing both technology and cultural change to address the challenge. Helen is a real fan of innovation being led by all aspects of an organization to create new opportunities for change.

Patrice Neff
Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder

Patrice Neff is a serial entrepreneur, who with local.ch, Memonic, and Squirro, has successfully built a series of products. He is always on the lookout for how to pragmatically apply modern technical innovations to everyday life. With a background in software engineering, at Squirro he has done the journey from creating the initial versions of the product to implementing it on client sites as part of consulting engagements, and now handles the company’s sales in the UK and Asia.

Fabio Settimo

Fabio Settimo
Account Executive UK, Ireland, and Nordic countries

Fabio has a background in Industrial Automation and Fintech and has worked as an engineer, business consultant, and currently account executive for Squirro in London.

Fabio guides clients on their innovation journey, finding ways to solve business challenges using the machine learning and natural language processing capabilities of the Squirro platform.

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