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GDPR Solution

GDPR compliance and risk management with Augmented Intelligence

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in May 2018, dramatically increases organizations’ responsibility for the privacy of their customers. Any organization that holds data on EU citizens, irrespective of that company’s own location, must be compliant with GDPR, and failures can result in a fine of up to €20m or 4% of annual turnover. However, many businesses lack the appropriate tools to approach GDPR. Squirro’s GDPR application can bridge the gap.

By connecting to all of your internal data sources, you can quickly respond to GDPR requests and find where to make any necessary updates with one easy to use interface. This includes fulfillment of the right to be forgotten. Don’t leave yourself exposed to preventable risks that can result in debilitating fines.


Some relevant KPIs to take in account:

of customers said
they have greater trust in companies that use their data as a result of the GDPR.
Source: Cisco

of European companies
declared GDPR compliance as a top priority.
Source: IAPP

€ total amount fined
in relation to GDPR through Sept. 2020.
Source: Privacy Affairs


Augmented Intelligence for GDPR Compliance

The Squirro GDPR Solution makes becoming and remaining GDPR compliant a much simpler process. It significantly reduces the exposure to a massive fine. The solution does this by connecting to all of your internal data sources, which store the type of information that the regulation focuses on. If the need comes up to find or remove this data, the Squirro GDPR solution shows you exactly where it is in a quick and easy to use dashboard. With Squirro’s vast library of connectors, no data source is out of reach. Ensure your organization is compliant if the call for data is made.


GDPR Compliance


Inbound request triaging

When GDPR requests are made, companies must answer in a very short period. It is therefore crucial to identify all GDPR requests as efficiently as possible.

The Squirro GDPR solution can connect to generic inboxes and identify GDPR requests automatically. These are then classified and transferred to a GDPR workbench dashboard that triggers a counter showing the days left to answer the request.


Fully automated data gathering

A key challenge when addressing GDPR is that in modern organizations, customer data is often stored in countless silos all over the business – CRM systems, file servers, ERP, email and much more. Over 90% of this data is unstructured. This means searching for data that needs to be GDPR-compliant can take hundreds or even thousands of man hours, depending on the volume of data and the number of requests.

Squirro GDPR solution offers out-of-the-box large sets of connectors to search for and collate data from all over an organization and then delivers it to the user in an easy-to-read GDPR dashboard for review.


Automated cognitive search and smart classification

Squirro GDPR solution utilizes Squirro’s market-leading cognitive search functionality to locate even the most hard-to-find data that could slip the net if searched for manually. Additionally, it also classifies this data according to client preference – usually name, surname, mail, address – and based on this classification, presents results to the user via Squirro GDPR dashboard with the capability to slice and dice through the data.


Data review process

The entire GDPR application is powered by Augmented Intelligence, which learns as it goes, enabling it to manage an organization’s data even more effectively. This is especially valuable in the review process, which provides best-response recommendations via the GDPR dashboard.

Squirro can highlight any results that should be moved to a report, as well as those that need to be reviewed confidentially, or which can’t be handed out or deleted for regulatory reasons.


Impact on you and your customers


  • GDPR request detection and auto-classification
  • Automated cognitive search that collates siloed data for GDPR
  • Access the data and prepare the report directly via the bespoke GDPR dashboard
  • AI-driven review process


  • Automatic alerts for every GDPR request that comes in
  • Peace of mind for enhanced on-going GDPR compliance
  • Out-of-the-box ready, straightforward to use
  • Saves thousands of man hours of manual search


  • Helps protect against the threat of a €20M fine for GDPR non-compliance
  • Connect and search through any number of data sources
  • Fast and accurate responses to inbound requests
  • Easily find all data locations necessary for fulfillment of right to be forgotten

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