Squirro for IT professionals

Scaling your talent and helping you
to create and train your own ML models 

Squirro for IT professionals

Leverage the Squirro Insight Engine and AI Studio to upscale your skills in data analytics and empower your business users to do more with their data

Insight engines augment search capabilities with AI to deliver actionable insights. They gather data from internal and external data sources, apply relevancy methods to describe, discover, organize and analyze this data and, finally, deliver contextually aware insights, presented to the user at the timely business moment. 

Squirro Insight Engine adds simplicity and scalability to this process and provides IT professionals with access to do-it-yourself unstructured data analytics, to create shareable dashboards on the go.

Furthermore, thanks to the new AI Studio, Squirro empowers IT users to create and train their own machine learning models, providing support across all the stages.


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