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Insights Solution for Risk Management

Squirro’s innovative AI solution is the key to overcoming the challenges in modern risk, compliance, and audit management through combining AI technologies such as an Insight Engine, Semantic Enterprise Search, Knowledge Graphs, and Generative AI.

Augmenting human intelligence with powerful AI greatly assists in the day-to-day work processes, drastically improving the efficiency and quality of work results. In the current challenging economic environment, Squirro's AI solution supports companies in overcoming the prevailing high employee turnover, keeping the cost base under control, and sometimes avoiding severe errors caused by overlooking relevant information or failing to recognize potential risks.

In this demo video, you can see the Risk Insights solution presented by Squirro CEO and co-founder Dr. Dorian Selz at the 2nd Annual Global Credit Risk Management in Banking Summit held from 31st January to 2nd February 2023 in Vienna.

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