Institutional Asset
Management Solution

Do more lead origination

Institutional Asset
Management Solution

>Do more lead origination

Augmented Intelligence can be a priceless asset to institutions

With huge amounts of data and a burning need for market intelligence, insight and efficiencies, asset management firms face precisely the business challenges for which Squirro’s Corporate Financial Services Solution was designed. Like all our solutions, it uses Augmented Intelligence to empower individuals, serve insights and deliver efficiencies, all through a user-friendly dashboard.


Because data-driven companies show:​

of global AI-derived business
value will come from decision support
Source: Gartner

reduction in
client churn
Source: McKinsey

business value 
created by AI Augmentation
Source: Gartner


Data-driven financial institutions​

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The tech provides insight into unstructured e-mail content. This improves the customer experience and identify opportunities for process efficiencies.”

Source: Finance, firm size $50M - $250M.

The flexibility of the models is key when working with complex environments and data sets. Both the application and vendor are extremely flexible.”

Source: Finance, firm size $30B+.

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Augmented Intelligence for Institutional Asset Management

Squirro provides relationship managers at Institutional Asset Management firms with the right insights and recommendations at the right moment to win deals as soon as the opportunities emerge - automatically. Our Institutional Asset Management Solution is the Smart Assistant for the financial services world. It combines the power of AI with the imagination, intuition and intelligence of humans and provides a natural user interaction that doesn’t require expert skills or a lengthy onboarding process.

With pre-configured connectors to the most relevant data sources and more than 50 pre-trained ML & AI models relating to corporate events, people, risks, financial information and financial markets, our solution delivers value from day one.

Don’t lose out on any deal and let Squirro uncover triggers ahead of your competition. Unlock the power of your data today.


Institutional Asset Management Solution


Source opportunities faster

Squirro for Institutional Asset Management marries a world of external and premium data with your business’s unique data sets to provide institutional asset managers with a complete view of clients, markets and competitors.

The Squirro Institutional Asset Management Solution allows rapid and efficient identification of investment opportunities using AI-driven market intelligence.



Increase the accuracy of key investment decisions

Identify the catalysts that trigger an opportunity in institutional asset management and detect patterns in structured and unstructured data. Squirro for Institutional Asset Management scores and ranks every opportunity and provides actionable recommendations to institutional asset managers faced with numerous portfolio management decisions.


Save countless man-hours

Institutional asset managers suffer greatly from an over-reliance on time-consuming, ineffective manual research to find the best opportunities for their clients. Unlike humans, Squirro for Corporate Financial Services doesn’t get tired or miss opportunities. Applying its power to your market research will free up institutional asset managers’ time to be spent far more effectively elsewhere.


Impact in Institutional Asset Management


  • Identification of relevant signals and opportunities
  • 360° client cockpit and fund cockpit
  • AI-powered search and across any data source
  • Automated talking-points and meeting preparation


  • Increase in the volume of assets under management
  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Boost individual and team productivity
  • Generate actionable insights quickly
  • Significant increase in efficiency


  • >50 deals uncovered in first 30 days
  • >95% accuracy in identifying relevant signals and new opportunities
  • Improved ROI on premium data
  • Increased adoption rate of CRM system

Resources for Institutional Asset Management

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