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Lead Origination & Fund Recommendation

Fueled by technology advances in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the discipline of institutional asset management is primed for a dramatic transformation. Asset management firms are looking at various ways to consolidate the voluminous data shared across the globe to make informed decisions.

Squirro for Corporate Financial Services provides powerful AI, ML and predictive analytics capabilities that can help institutional asset managers:


Source opportunities faster and more accurately

Squirro for Corporate Financial Services unifies all data to allow institutional asset managers a complete view of their clients and the industry they operate in. This insight enables portfolio managers to identify investment opportunities they otherwise would have missed, gone unnoticed, or worse, found by a competitor.


Increase the accuracy of key investment decisions

Not only can Squirro for Corporate Financial Services identify all the relevant events and catalysts that trigger an opportunity in institutional asset management, but the power of its AI automation means it can detect patterns hidden in structured and unstructured data to produce real-time actionable insights and offer recommendations on which opportunity would be best, or which funds would be the best match for a given client or lead. Squirro for Corporate Financial Services scores and ranks every opportunity and provides actionable recommendations to institutional asset managers to facilitate portfolio management decisions.


Save countless man hours

Institutional asset managers suffer hugely from an over-reliance on manual research to understand the market and to find the best deals and opportunities for their clients. Not only is such an approach enormously time consuming, it is also ineffective. If a researcher has been spending three days solid reading through data sources, vital information can be missed. Squirro for Corporate Financial Services does not get tired or miss opportunities, and using it for market research will free up institutional asset managers’ time to be spent far more effectively elsewhere.

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Lead origination

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Higher market visibility

Increased opportunity flow & revenue uplift

Better connect to clients and prospects

Quicker client and market insights

Saving hundreds of hours on research

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