Corporate & Institutional
Banking Solution

Laser in on opportunities with Augmented Intelligence

Corporate & Institutional
Banking Solution

>Laser in on opportunities with Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence lasers in on banking insights and efficiencies

Corporate banking is a hugely competitive marketplace, driven by data. Client Relationship Managers need to originate sales leads by identifying strong talking points and staying ahead of their competition. Squirro’s Corporate & Institutional Banking Solution is specifically designed to unlock the power of all your data by providing actionable recommendations, strong talking points and a holistic 360° client view.


Implementing Generative AI for Enterprise

Implementing Generative AI for Enterprise: How to Tame the Stochastic Parrot, Squirro’s e-book that shows the solutions to implementing generative AI for enterprise, is now available!


Because data-driven companies show:

gross margin
peers outperform
Source: McKinsey

more likely to
acquire customers
Source: McKinsey

reduction of
customer churn
Source: McKinsey

Our Customers

Data-driven financial institutions

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The insight gained from the Squirro solution is significantly deeper than can be achieved from structured data analysis.”

Source: Finance, firm size $50M - $250M.

We are impressed with the ease with which AI models, both vendor-provided and from external sources, can be integrated into solutions.”

Source: Finance, firm size $3B - $10B.

Augmented Intelligence for Corporate & Institutional Banking

Squirro provides corporate bankers with the right insights and recommendations, at the right moment, in the context of their work - automatically. Our Corporate and Institutional Banking Solution is the Smart Assistant for the financial services world. It combines the power of AI with the imagination, intuition and intelligence of humans and provides a natural user interaction that doesn’t require expert skills.

With pre-configured connectors to the most relevant data sources and more than 50 pre-trained ML and AI models relating to corporate events, people, risks, financial information and financial markets, our solution delivers value from day one.

Don’t lose out on any deal. Let Squirro uncover triggers ahead of your competition. Unlock the power of your data today.


See Squirro in Action


Corporate & Institutional Banking Solution


Find deals ahead of your competition

Our solution can automatically detect triggers relating to corporate events, people, risks, financial information or financial markets, using over 50-pre-trained AI and ML Models. It also gives you context-aware recommendations up to six months ahead of your competitors, identifying the best contact and the most relevant talking points.


Know your clients and prospects

Squirro’s comprehensive 360° Client Cockpit delivers a holistic view of each client by gathering all relevant data from internal, external and premium data. Our solution uses Cognitive Search to find relevant information in the most efficient way, and to increase your understanding of your clients or prospects through insights provided by our advanced data analytics capabilities.
You can also embed Squirro within your CRM system to find additional context and increase usability.


Be more efficient

Our Corporate & Institutional Banking Solution is able to identify likely counterparties by using your historic deal books. It matches the deal with qualified investor profiles based on past deals, new funds, market signals and identified investment intent.


Impact in Corporate & Institutional Banking


  • Deal origination
  • Counter party recommendations
  • Relationship map
  • Pitch Insights
  • 360° client cockpit


  • Improve profitability and efficiency
  • Increase revenue and uncover hidden deals
  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Get quicker client and market insights
  • Reduce time to analyze data


  • Identify potential deals up to six months ahead
  • > 50 deals uncovered in first 30 days
  • >95% accuracy of Models
  • Improved ROI on premium data
  • Increased adoption rate of CRM system

Resources for Corporate Bankers

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