Investment Banking

This is a sector rich with potential, whether it is helping clients raise capital, assisting with M&A deals or sourcing new opportunities. Yet investment bankers are struggling to manage the data they hold on clients, meaning they miss out on many opportunities and suffer from poor conversion rates.

Here are some of the ways in which Squirro for Corporate Financial Services can help investment banks:

1. Unify all data

Squirro for Corporate Financial Services takes data from a variety of sources – internal and external, structured and unstructured, social media and earnings call transcripts, emails and call notes – and uses this to provide investment bankers with unparalleled insight into their clients. By unifying siloed data, Squirro for Corporate Financial Services offers a 360-degree view of clients and the markets they operate in, and allows account handlers to unearth opportunities that they would simply not have been aware of otherwise.

2. Power M&A deals

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) work is a vital offering for any investment bank, a highly profitable line of business, and Squirro for Corporate Financial Services can help drive the entire process. M&A is highly research intensive and this research can be a drawn out and ineffective process when done manually. The AI-powered Squirro solution can save hundreds of man hours on manual research and can help match potential acquirers, buyers for newly issued shares or bonds, and can help in the book building process.

3. Drive proactive client relations

Within investment banking there is tremendous first mover advantage. It has been estimated that in 80% of cases that the first investment banker to speak with a client is the one that closes the deal. Because of the deep client understanding it provides to users, and its ability to identify catalysts relevant to a particular industry, Squirro for Corporate Financial Services provides actionable recommendations to users that gives them a powerful reason to contact clients, first. 


Banking is a fast-paced and relationship-driven industry

To find and win new business, bankers must be able to:

  • Stay on top of trends in the industry
  • Pay close attention to comments that their clients make publicly and in private conversations
  • Identify the early signs of a potential deal or a need for new capital, fast enough to approach the client before one of their competitors
  • Approach clients with a thorough understanding of their current situation, history and recent events

 To stay on top of the streams of information, bankers need to perform vast amount of research in order to make sure they don’t miss an opportunity


Get alerts for new opportunities pushed right to you for events like:

  • Management Changes
  • Deal rumors
  • Capital Structure Changes
  • Strategy or Results announcements

Automate the research of finding investors to approach about buying newly issued securities

Access all the information you need in a single place
Quickly reference everything from your call notes to information like news, financial filings, and research to keep up-to-date with your clients

Stay on top of trends in deal-making and changes in the industry

Do this all right from the CRM that you already use


Maintain deeper and richer relationships with highly informed conversations

Obtain a 360 view of clients and their needs

React to opportunities faster and with more agility

Minimize staffing requirements and costs

Generate innovative ways to satisfy customers with improved performance capabilities


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