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Deal Origination & Counterparty Recommendations

Investment Banking is a complex, research, and data intensive industry. Our Investment Banking Application is specifically designed to support the deal origination process for debt and equity capital markets.

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Application Outcomes:


AI-Supported Deal Origination

Squirro’s Investment Banking Application for Debt Capital Markets (DCM) and Equity Capital Markets (ECM) supports the Deal Origination process by automatically detecting relevant events in both internal and external data.

Using AI and Machine Learning, Squirro is able to detect events such as: companies outlining plans to raise capital (equity or debt), companies exploring IPO’s, expansion plans, management changes, or capital structure changes.

The deal recommendation are presented in an intuitive dashboard – if required – directly integrated in the banker’s workbench.


Counterparty Recommendations

Once a mandate is won, Squirro helps to identify potential investors. Squirro creates a unique profile for the current deal and matches it with potential investor profiles that are based on past activities, forward looking statements, and the detection of other relevant signals.


360° Client Cockpits

Additionally, Squirro provides a comprehensive 360° Client Cockpit, meeting preparation reports, and relationship maps. By unifying siloed data from old pitchbooks, earning call transcripts, premium data sources, and many others, Squirro offers a full view of clients and the markets they operate in.

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Deal origination

Counter party recommendations

Relationship map

Pitch Insights

360° client cockpit


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Strengthen client relationships

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