IT Service
Management Solution

Do More to maximize uptime

IT Service
Management Solution

Reduce your mean time to resolution

IT service issues often add up to become major financial losses. Your organization’s ability to quickly and efficiently resolve these issues has a direct impact on unmet SLA obligations and customer experience, which is critical to your company’s success.

IT Service Management is a core component of your business strategy and by reducing the time taken to identify and resolve issues, your organization can improve customer loyalty maximizing uptime, delivering a consistently excellent and effective service.

While reducing your mean time to resolution is of great importance, you can do even more. By constantly monitoring, processing, and contextualizing the most relevant information surrounding your products, services, and customers, you can find ways to mitigate issue severity and even prevent issues from happening altogether.


Because data-driven companies show:

decrease in resolution


decrease in research
time for customer issues


surge in customer

Our Customers

Data-driven financial institutions

Good team and experienced on developing the dashboard and data tagging. Very engaged with customer and response on customer requests. Fair flexible in most of time. Hope can be more flexible on ever changing demands.”

Source: Manufacturing Firm, 10B - 30B USD

The ability to query unstructured data is a great feature and we are impressed by it”

Source: Services Provider, 1B - 3B USD.

Augmented Intelligence for IT Services Management

The Squirro ITSM Solution significantly reduces service management costs while facilitating a vastly improved customer experience. It provides AI-driven insights and recommendations stemming from all relevant data sources, structured and unstructured, internal and external. It integrates directly within your existing command center, allows users to significantly reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) of existing incidents and lowers the number of new incidents requiring agent assistance.


IT Service Management


Maximize customer satisfaction

Ensuring that your customers have access to your products and services by reducing or eliminating downtime is a key achievement for your company’s success. The complex process of eliminating downtime can be simplified by automatically monitoring, contextualizing, and visualizing the information related to the problems as well as their solutions. This allows your agents to quickly and easily implement fixes and be better prepared for new issues.


Reduce hardware downtime

Complex systems have a high likelihood of failing at some point. By continuously monitoring each element of the system and synthesizing all of the relevant data supporting the system, it is possible to significantly reduce the time it takes to find the reason for the failure and the best actions to take to resolve it. Furthermore, this constant monitoring allows you to predict where failures are most likely to happen, allowing you to prevent the failure from occurring.


Prevent issues and reduce severity

When issues arise, the most important goal is to resolve them as quickly as possible. Being able to prevent the issues from arising altogether is an even greater goal. Achieving these goals is a sure way to minimize financial losses and strengthen customer loyalty. This is possible with Squirro’s ITSM Solution, which empowers your team and customers with Augmented Intelligence. 


Impact on You and Your Customers


  • Significant reduction of MTTR
  • Instant 360-degree incident overview
  • Improved self-service interactivity
  • New incident mitigation
  • Optimized support agent performance


  • Augmented intelligence-based, cognitive catalyst detection to anticipate incidents before they occur
  • Applies advanced machine learning algorithms to deliver continuously improving results over time
  • 360-degree view of all incidents and how they relate to clients
  • Automated ticket routing and problem resolution


  • Up to 30% reduction in mean time to resolution, up to 15% reduction in support costs
  • A slicker, smarter and more effective IT service environment overall
  • A vastly improved customer experience
  • Greater customer loyalty and retention

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