Keyrus Driven By Data Summit

A day of learning, networking and data-driven expertise – London

Meet Squirro

Squirro CEO, Dorian Selz, will be speaking at this Keyrus event. Dorian will be discussing ‘Insights as the new business currency’. Today over 80% of data is being held in unstructured formats with many businesses failing to make efficient use of this large percentage of data at their fingertips.

Dorian will be taking us through how and why maximising the use of unstructured data is a necessity in the world of business today.

Discover what the Insights Economy will bring and how your business can prepare



Squirro is a data insights solution developer. Based in Zurich and with offices in London, New York, Munich and Barcelona, Squirro works with data-driven organisations to deliver actionable customer insights.

Meet Squirro @ Keyrus Driven By Data Summit

Thursday 22nd September 2016

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