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2020 and the Need for Customer Centricity


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In 2020, the customer is king. Whether for consumer or business customers, there has never been as much choice of products and services as there is currently and it has never been as easy to switch providers.

This means that businesses hoping to win and retain customers must understand them more thoroughly than ever. They must be able to anticipate any issues a customer might be having, they must be aware of what is going on in the industry that customer operates in, they must be able to predict what that customer is likely to want, and they must be able to deliver that to them.

Customers expect to be delighted and amazed on a regular basis and any business that does not do so will see their customers finding other providers that do. To become such a customer-obsessed organization, one that puts the customer experience at the core of everything it does, insight into those customers is essential.

Despite the rise of big data, and increased enterprise investment in technologies such as CRM, digital analytics and business intelligence, without insight into customer behaviours, their collective value is hugely reduced. In its recent report ‘Insights-Driven Businesses Set the Pace for Global Growth’, industry analyst group Forrester predicted that by 2021, insights-driven businesses will be generating $1.8 trillion annually. Organizations that choose not to follow the insight path will pay a significant financial price.

Download this white paper to understand the importance of insight in modern business and get clear steps on how your organization can become an insights-driven and more customer-centric business.