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Empowering relationships and improving your supply chain with Augmented Intelligence.

Making the transition to becoming a digital business is a challenge for most manufacturers. For firms used to operating in a certain way, utilizing data analytics and Augmented Intelligence can feel like a major step.

But it’s a step that manufacturers need to take. There is increasing complexity in managing supply chain, and production activities, and a need to better understand customers all over the world. Manufacturers must be aware of potential risks to their business and also be able to use insight to deepen customer relationships, increasing loyalty, and improving the bottom line.

Squirro for Manufacturing, is an Augmented Intelligence-based application that is developed for business users. It monitors thousands of data sources around the world to provide an accurate and real-time summary of the manufacturing process. The application can be customized according to user preference. Information is presented in a bespoke client cockpit and it enables smarter and more informed decisions relating to all elements of manufacturing, from production activity to customer relationships.

Here are just some of the ways in which the Squirro for Manufacturing application can help:


Improved loyalty and bottom line

Manufacturing is a highly competitive industry and for most manufacturers, customer service and experience has become a top priority. By analyzing so many data sources, much of which are unstructured and historically hard to manage, Squirro for Manufacturing can identify triggers such as planned plant expansion, new machinery, recent contract wins, foreign expansion, and many others that can affect a customer. This insight can be used to provide a richer and deeper customer service, improve customer loyalty, and facilitate upsell and cross-sell opportunities that may otherwise have been missed.


Production activity insight

With such a large and integrated manufacturing supply chain, combined with complex production activities, there is a lot of scope in manufacturing for issues to arise. Squirro for Manufacturing addresses this by monitoring thousands of data sources – structured and unstructured, internal and external – to look for patterns and trends and ascertain in real-time how likely an incident is to occur with the machines or products it sells. Such production activity insight enables the manufacturer to save time finding issues and also in resolving them – the application can even automate certain resolutions.


Bespoke client cockpits

By taking previously isolated data sets, bringing them together and analyzing them to reveal important insights, Squirro for Manufacturing is the application that can make a real difference for manufacturers. But it’s not a solution that is confined to technical teams – Squirro for Manufacturing is used by business users in their day-to-day role, with information presented in a customizable dashboard for each customer. This gives users a highly personalized, relevant, and accurate 360-degree view of all manufacturing incidents for each customer.


Monitors thousands of data sources relating to manufacturing, with analysis of any news, event or incident that could affect production

Deepened customer insight and understanding

Easy to understand and customizable dashboard for each customer

Real-time alerts when any potential incident occur in production activities


Reduces time taken to identify potential issues in production activity, enabling rapid response to address such issues before they escalate

Quantifies and lowers the risk of incidents across the supply chain and production activities

Enables more informed decisions relating to overall manufacturing processes

Improved customer loyalty and bottom line

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