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Squirro Market Monitoring app equip’s your teams with the real-time market intelligence they need to truly understand the markets and industries in which they are active.

Market Monitoring

Market and industry monitoring has become very complex and research-intensive for companies through the exponential growth of data from premium data providers, news, web and social. Squirro’s new Market Monitoring App turns this data into real-time insights, decisions, and actions to provide in-depth market understanding.

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Application Outcomes:


AI-Powered Insights

Squirro’s Market Monitoring App harnesses the power of Squirro’s Insights Engine with advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to analyze and classify unstructured data in real-time from thousands of data sources. Users can monitor products, brands, competitors and market developments and get all relevant information delivered to them via a dynamic dashboard. Discover trends and understand the market sentiment before your competitors and develop a keener sense of evolving industry movements.


Tangible, Actionable & In Business Context

Empower all your employees through Squirro’s dashboards to visualize and share with colleagues any market and industry trends. Integrate Squirro with ease within your CRM system or intranet to put data in the context of your clients and prospects and get access to the most recent and relevant developments before your client meetings.


Data Driven Recommendations

Market data is also highly valuable for sales professionals, who can this insight to be the first to react to market events and sentiments. Squirro feeds them with automated recommendations on events that trigger conversations with clients and prospects, with Squirro’s recommendation engine generating leads and offering the next best product based on this data.

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Contextualized Market Trends

Real-time alerts & updates

Sentiment change identification

Messaging & recommendations

360° account cockpit


Improve profitability and efficiency

Increase revenue and uncover hidden opportunities

Strengthen client relationships

Get quicker client and market insights

Reduce time to analyze data

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